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10 Facts Every Expert Should Know About Leader Heads

Leader heads have often been considered the “cherry on top” of a well-installed gutter system. While the average gutter professional doesn’t run across leader heads on a regular basis, they are an important aspect of the trade every expert should have at least some knowledge in. This becomes especially true when working with higher-end, luxury homes or the commercial industry. Taking time to learn some of the basics about leader heads will keep you prepared for whatever comes your way.
Here are 10 facts about Leader Heads every gutter expert should know:
  1. They have many alias – Leader heads go by a number of names including: collector boxes, conductor heads, scupper boxes, rainwater heads, collector heads, and rain collectors. Don’t get confused – they all mean the same thing!
  1. Where they are found – Leader Heads are typically found on upscale homes, government buildings, churches, and even university campuses.
  1. Easy to install – Although they seem complicated, leader heads are actually quite simple to install. Using mortar plugs, they are easily mounted to brick or stone.
  1. Designer Copper Aluminum Conductor Head
    Offered in different metals – Leader heads come in a large assortment of metals including: aluminum, lead coated copper, pre-weathered zinc, galvanized steel and the most popular option, copper.
  1. Provide function and form – While they are mainly used for the aesthetic quality, leader heads also help control overflow helping to prevent water and ice buildup.
  1. Custom fabricated – Most leader heads are custom fabricated and can range in price from $90 to upwards of $1500. The more elaborate and labor-intensive the head, the higher the cost. The material it is constructed of also plays a factor in its price tag.
  1. Abbey Conductor Head
    European influence – Originating in Europe, many leader heads bear names reminiscent of where they came from. Some of’s more popular products include the Royal, the Essex, and the Rafael.
  1. Options galore – Leader heads come in a wide array of designs ranging from ornate scrolls to modern flare. carries nearly 40 unique models ensuring there is a fit for every project.
  1. Great upsell item – Looking to generate more sales? Leader heads are a great way to upsell to the historic or luxury home market. While some architects will include them on design plans for commercial properties, many homeowners are usually not even aware that they exist.
  1. Seeing is believing – When pitching leader heads to the customer, they often must see to believe (and to spend the extra bucks). To sway their decision, consider showing them a couple models that will work well with their property.
When you are ready to dive into the leader head world, will be there to help. We offer a large selection of leader heads in a number of designs at some of the lowest prices in the industry. While most of our models are custom ordered, we also stock a wide variety of standard leader heads in aluminum, steel and copper. To learn more about leader heads, contact our expert staff at 1-888-909-RAIN (7246). You can also view our vast inventory of gutter supplies in the product catalog.

Author: Mike Milliman

Mike is managing partner at Gutter Supply Inc. and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. His expertise and vast knowledge of the industry, along with his priority on customer service, has contributed to the continued success of Gutter Supply, it’s contractor customers and homeowner DIY’s.

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