Preventing Ice Dams

Contrary to popular belief, gutters don’t cause ice dams. While snow and ice can building up in your gutters, the root of the problem is heat loss through your roof. I ran across this nice article by BCI Contractor which explains that by keeping your attic at the same temperature as the outside, you keep snow from melting on the roof and forming an ice dam around your gutters. Good insulation and proper ventilation helps avoid problems. Worth a read.

Why Rain Gutters Attract Icicles

Ever wonder why your gutters act like a magnet for icicles? I ran across a nice little article explaining why: Icicles form when snow or ice melts off a surface or object and runs or drips into an area where it can freeze again. What makes eaves and rain gutters such great places for icicles to form is their proximity to both direct sunshine and interior heat escaping from inside a home or other building. Technorati Profile