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Introducing the European Copper Gutter System Euro Copper adds a look of elegance to a home with its attention to detail, heavy-gauge copper and seamless assembly. Priced competitively with traditional copper gutter systems, Euro Copper provides a more seamless look with their extra attention to the downspouts, elbows, miters and outlets. Be sure to check out the hanging system and decorative downspout brackets as well. To view the Euro Copper Gutter Systems Product Catalog, just click on the image to the left or feel free to view the Euro Copper line @

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By M.K. Luther — FRONT ROYAL — As temperatures begin to inch up and the snow begins to melt, David York is beginning to dig out from the remnants of the blizzard — not with a shovel, but with a ladder. York is an independent contractor and owner of D&J Construction based in Front Royal, specializing in home improvement, renovations and repair. He and his wife, Linda, have spent the weeks following the record snowfall comforting concerned homeowners and explaining that when it comes to repairing gutters damaged by snow and ice, patience is key. “It is a waiting game, really,” Mrs. York said. The weight of the snow and the ice can easily pull a gutter away from… Continue reading »