Critters in the gutters? It does happen.

It has definitely gotten warmer. The birds chirp in the morning right as the sunrise is taking place. Squirrels hurry and raid bird feeders all day long. All winter clothes have been put away since they won’t be needed until later in the year. Let’s not forget though, that it is spring, and not just debris from trees can end up in a home’s gutter. Critters can also end up in the gutters. As a contractor, you have to let home owners know that utilizing gutter guards prevent guttersfrom clogging the downspout and also discourage pests from making their home in the gutters. Nothing can be more disheartening when a home owner knows that there are nesting birds, only to… Continue reading »

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! This is the last full week of April, and then there are a few days left leading into May 2013 in the calendar. What does this mean? It means that our current sale ends on April 30th. It rained hard from Wednesday night into Thursday morning in the Chicago area last week. Streets and major thoroughfares were closed with local flooding in some suburbs and some areas are still recovering. So I started to wonder about contractors and home owners, and how they were coping in case some gutters were clogged with debris. With such hard rain, a properly installed and debris-free gutter system will definitely have an advantage.

The importance of gutter hangers

As a roofing contractor, keep in mind that many of the customers you have that require new gutters do not have a clue how the actual gutter is attached to roof’s fascia. I happened to be visiting a friend this past weekend, and having an eye for gutters, I asked him a random question: Do you know how your gutters are attached to the roof? He said: Easy… don’t they just nail the gutter to the roof? Wrong. I asked him again: When you clean out leafs from the gutters, do you remember seeing some sort of bracket inside the gutters? He said: Yes, what are those for? They can be a little annoying when I am cleaning the gutters…. Continue reading »

Guess what suffers the most in your house with faulty, leaky gutters?

Guess what suffers the most in your house with faulty, leaky gutters? Your house’s basement. And for homes that do not have a basement, your house’s foundation. The effects of not having the gutters maintained properly can cause backed up gutters to slosh the water onto the ground. And falling water will splatter dirt on the wall where the problem exists. How will the splattered dirt be cleaned up afterwards? With the garden hose? Adding more water to the already saturated soil? Lacking the proper maintenance to your gutters can flood your basement and erode your foundation. The soil can only absorb so much water, and that water needs to go somewhere. Water will find a place to fill, and… Continue reading »

Adding value to your home

This is the perfect time to think about adding value to your home. Now that winter is over and the days are getting warmer, why not think about important home improvements. One of the first things you should consider are your home’s gutters. This could be considered as something that is overlooked, neglected, and ignored. Some people may think that by simply having gutters at the edge of their roofs is more than enough – but considering the elements, gutters can get damaged and clogged. Remember to take notice on the value of your home – applying preventative measures to your gutter system can give you peace of mind in the long run. Budgeting home improvements could include adding a… Continue reading »

Rain Gutter Overflow

When the weatherman calls for rain, are you going to wait until you see your gutters clog, overfill with rain, and just pour water down the side of your house? Rain gutters are there for a reason – to keep water off your home’s foundation. They prevent the ground around your house from flooding by channeling away water from the roof. Clogged gutters can backflow into the home, almost guaranteeing water damage, so keep those gutters clean and free of debris by installing gutter guards. And depending on your home’s layout on your property, you can also add downspout extensions, which can be moved around, extending farther from the downspout. A gutter backflow doesn’t just trickle – it happens rapidly!… Continue reading »

They say April showers bring May flowers.

Happy April 1st, 2013 They say April showers bring May flowers. First of all, like us on Face Book – that way you can see on your news feed what we are up to, current sales, and interesting information about gutters. Like us on Face Book Check out our new Sale for April We have the best prices to fit your Gutter Supply needs! Traditionally, April can be a rainy period in some parts of America. Sure, the forecast could call for rain in your town… but will the forecast tell you to check your gutters? You should check them occasionally if your gutter system lacks gutter guards and your house is surrounded by trees. Especially if you know that… Continue reading »