How exactly are metal gutters manufactured?

How exactly are metal gutters manufactured? When you look at your home’s gutters, do you ever wonder how they are made? Most people don’t know how they are made. If you want to impress during the family and friends BBQ this coming weekend, read on… Do you remember the Play-Doh Fun Factory toy? Do you know what a gutter machine is? The premise of both, the toy and the gutter machine, is similar. One puts material in them, and out comes the same material, but just in a different shape. With the Fun Factory, one can put the “doh” in, and then press the lever, and out comes doh shaped like a star, a cylinder, etc. Then the product is… Continue reading »

Gutter Cleaning

Why not clean the gutters on a sunny day? Yeah, why not? If you decide to clean outthe gutters periodically this summer, you can hire a service to do it for you, or you can do it yourself (remember, safety first!). Do it periodically if your home is within an area where there are trees that you know will drop leafs and other debris in the gutters. So why on a sunny day? Or during the day for that matter? That way you can see what’s going on in the gutters. As you clean them, you can inspect them (or have a professional do it for you) for any damage. Wear gloves and safety glasses, you never know what you’ll… Continue reading »

The Weathering & Aging of Copper Gutters

Patina – what is it? A natural oxidation process which forms a unique protective layer to copper. The Statue of Liberty is covered in copper, and with weather and age, has turned into the green color we are all familiar with. She was not painted green; she was originally the natural brown copper, then as nature took its course, she is the familiar color we all know her for.     There are many other statues made of copper that have that greenish color – that is patina, the process of copper oxidation. Copper exposed to the elements will develop this beautiful, green finish over time. Gutter Supply has everything under the roof when it comes to copper gutters and… Continue reading »