GutterSupply.com is a national wholesale supplier. When a contractor or homeowner is shopping for gutters and gutter related products, we are who come to mind. After all, our name says it all – GutterSupply.com! Here at Gutter Supply, we have had some very hard rainfall in the last few days – from heavy downpours, to just typical rain. When it rains so hard, guess what happens to the foliage that is above a house? That hard rain loosens leaves and small branches which fall on the roof, washing into the gutters. Now think of this, once that debris ends up in the gutters, it will clog the outlet (that’s the hole in the gutter that attached to the downspout). Then… Continue reading »

Clean gutters!

Perhaps this weekend you want to do an interesting weekend project for your house. What you need: Gutter Guard – in this example we are using a Leaf Out Gutter Guard. Ladder Gloves Eye Protection Water hose (or call an expert contractor to do this professionally) In this series of images, you can see how clogged and dirty this gutter system is. With a little elbow grease, and the willingness to get this done, the gutters will be free flowing for years to come. Looking at the fist images, you can see all the decomposing organic matter in the gutter. When one looks up at a house’s gutters and sees plants growing, this is what is feeding those plants –… Continue reading »