Keep Your Customer Informed: Tips to Avoid Clogged Gutters

One of the most common service calls gutter contractors receive is for clogged gutters. Left untreated, backed-up gutters can lead to more serious issues including leaky roofs, damage to the home’s siding and fascia, and even foundation cracking and settling. Rather than fielding service call after service call, take time to inform your customers on the proper maintenance of their gutter system. Assisting homeowners in avoiding this common problem will help you build a stronger relationship with your clients while offering great customer service. Regular Maintenance is a Must –Bi-annual cleanings are the most effective way to prevent clogged gutters. Many homeowners intend to clean their gutters during the spring and fall yet when the time comes around they fail… Continue reading »

Gutter Machines: 4 Reasons Why Buying New is Better

For those in the home building industry, completing a job efficiently is critical to being successful in the field. Rather than being tied to a subcontractor’s clock, many are purchasing gutter machines to take control of their jobsites. With basic models ranging from $4,000 to $6,500, investing in this machine is often one of the biggest financial, yet affordable, decisions a small business owner in the industry will make. With an influx of pre-owned options in the marketplace, it sometimes can be hard to choose between a new model and a used machine. While buying used doesn’t always lead to disappointment, there are clear advantages to buying new. Benefits of Buying New 1. Consistent, Quality Gutters – With a new… Continue reading »