Stainless Steel Mesh Gutter Guards: A Sound Investment

What’s the latest product to gain popularity in today’s gutter industry? It is stainless steel mesh gutter guards. As both homeowners and contractors alike are looking for a better way to keep gutters clear, many are finding stainless steel mesh as an effective alternative to standard screens or gutter foam inserts. Few other screening options can compare to this super-fine mesh when it comes to maintaining a clog-free gutter system. Durable and easy to install, stainless steel mesh guards are quickly becoming the preferred method for gutter protection. Corrosion & Rust FreeOne of the huge benefits of stainless steel mesh gutter guards is their durability. Unlike other materials that are prone to deterioration over time, stainless steel is both corrosion-free… Continue reading »

Rain Barrels: An Environmentally-friendly Budget Saver

Rain barrels have been a mainstay for eco-friendly homeowners for decades but have recently experienced an upsurge in popularity among the everyday consumer.  With rising utility costs and efforts by municipalities to limit water consumption, many are looking for ways to keep their landscaping looking healthy using a plentiful (and free) resource – rainwater.  Rain barrels offer a way to easily collect this water storing it for use whenever the need arises. A Cleve Storage SolutionFor over 3,000 years the human race has been on the hunt for smart ways to catch and use rainwater. From cisterns to reservoirs, we have crafted some amazing inventions to store one of Mother Nature’s most bountiful resources.   One of the best examples… Continue reading »