10 Bonus Entries

Don’t Forget About Our 2014 Gutter Machine Giveaway! In appreciation for your valued business, GutterSupply.com is excited to offer you the chance to win one of our most popular gutter machine models available today. Our contest provides numerous opportunities to win throughout the 2014 calendar year and is sponsored by New Tech.  This Month you can receive 10 Bonus Entries simply by posting your tips on upselling to our blog! Comment on this post with your tip for upselling. Please include your name, business name, city and state.

Why Decorative Copper Aluminum Makes Sense

Want the look of copper without the high price tag?  If so, you may be interested in learning more about Decorative Copper Aluminum.  As professional contractors continuously search for cost-effective alternatives to standard copper gutter systems, many are finding decorative copper aluminum as an excellent economical yet beautiful alternative.  It offers a practical, inexpensive approach to the traditional gutter system while adding charm and beauty to the home.  Read on to learn more about why this material is becoming a popular choice among homeowners and contractors alike. Practical & Cost-EffectiveCopper has been a popular choice for gutter systems for decades but is often out of the price range for most property owners with modest homes.  Many like the look and… Continue reading »

A Practical Guide to Flux

Soldering flux is a vital part of gutter installation and repair.  Simply put, flux is a cleaning agent that reduces oxides from a metal allowing the metal and solder to more easily and uniformly dissolve into each other.  Carbonate of soda, borax, potash, and charcoal were some of the earliest form of flux.  Today, flux is utilized in virtually every soldering job spanning a number of industries including plumbing, gutter systems, and electronics. The Importance of Flux Flux can come from both organic and nonorganic materials as well as in both paste and liquid form.  Liquid flux is ideal for fast soldering and offers a strong cleaning agent for oxidized copper.  Paste flux both cleans and fluxes at the same… Continue reading »