Gutter Supply Comparison: KWM Gutterman (Ironman) vs New Tech Machinery

There are several companies which produce and distribute gutter machines. Two of the largest, most well-known companies include KWM Gutterman and New Tech Machinery. Today we’re going to compare these two brands in several key factors, to help purchasers make a solid buying decision. First, a little background information on each company.   KWM   This company was founded in the 1960s and is based out of Chicago. It is still run by the same family responsible for its creation, although the original founder has since passed away. The company sells their equipment on five different continents and has gutter machines ranging between $5,500 and $25,000. They currently produce the Ironman line of Gutter Machines, and up until last year… Continue reading »

Why Purchasing A Gutter Machine Is the Best Investment For Your Business

If you’re in the exterior remodeling business, you handle a lot of gutter projects. If you haven’t already bought one, you have been thinking about purchasing a gutter machine. These machines allow you to manufacture your own gutters, which greatly reduces both the cost and time invested in each gutter job. In turn, this increases your profits steadily over time.   Unfortunately, the small business owner is wary of making large purchases such as this one. Unlike large corporations who won’t miss those few thousand dollars, a small business has the potential to heavily feel that investment. With the average gutter machine costing anywhere between $5,500 and $15,000, this is a very big consideration.   But what if you could… Continue reading »

The Benefits of a Seamless Gutter Machine

There are many benefits to purchasing a seamless gutter machine for your small business. Some are obvious – such as no longer having to wait for gutters to be delivered to your job site – while others are not so obvious – such as the ability to increase your company’s overall net profits. Today we are going to look at the biggest benefits, which may aid you in deciding whether to purchase a gutter machine for your business.   No More Waiting for Deliveries   An exterior modeling job is not finished until the gutters have been placed. They are the last item to go on and waiting around for another company to deliver those gutters can increase the amount… Continue reading »

Gutter Machine Options: Your Questions Answered

When purchasing a gutter machine for your business, there are a lot of option to consider. You may feel a little overwhelmed and wonder what exactly your company really needs. With this plight in mind, we will delve into the most frequently asked questions business owners have when looking to purchase a gutter machine.   What size do I need?   The size you need to invest in depends on what your market is calling for. Do your customers primarily use 5-inch, 6-inch, or a combination of both? In addition to basic 5-inch, 6-inch, and combination models, there are also gutter machines that create 5 ½ inch fascia, and gutters with an Alcoa-hook style.   Should I purchase a machine… Continue reading »

Why Seamless Half Round Gutters Look Amazing on A Home

Half round gutters are a traditional favorite that has been making their way back into the modern market. There are many reasons why a homeowner would choose to use half round gutters over their more popular K-style counterparts. Amongst other reasons are the stylish, sleek way they look.   Seamless gutters are a new industry invention. Previously homeowners could only purchase sectioned gutters, which would come in prefabricated lengths and sizes. These pieces would then be glued together around a home’s roof to create the necessary gutter system. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are molded and installed in one big piece. The exception being the corner sections, which must be pieced together.   When you combine these two great… Continue reading »