The Ultimate Rain Chain Guide for Your Next Purchase

Rain chains are a beautiful and effective alternative to traditional downspouts, but only in certain situations. In this guide, you will learn when to use rain chains and when to avoid them, how they are installed, and the differences between the most common types of rain chains on the market today.   What Are Rain Chains?   Rain chains are decorative items that help guide the flow of water from your gutters to a predetermined location on your property. They take the place of closed downspouts to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and allow you to enjoy the sight and sound of flowing water. Imagine sitting on your porch and listening to a bubbling stream, even when there is no… Continue reading »

Painting Your House in the Spring? Here are Some Tips for Painting Your Galvanized Gutters

Galvanized steel gutters are durable, corrosion- and rust-resistant, and affordable, which makes them some of the most popular gutter styles in the country. Now that it’s springtime, homeowners are gearing up to paint their home exteriors, and many will also paint their gutters. Galvanized gutters can be tricky to paint, so here are some tips for getting the job done right.   The Trouble with Paint on Galvanized Steel   Galvanized steel is created when pieces of steel are hot-dipped into zinc to create a corrosion- and rust-resistant barrier. What’s more, as part of the galvanization process, the gutters are also coated in oil to prevent white rust from occurring. Unfortunately, zinc alongside the layer of oil makes galvanized steel… Continue reading »

A Comprehensive Breakdown on the Different Half-Round Gutter Hangers and Their Applications

Half-round gutters are incredibly popular, particularly in homes made of stone or brick. However, when it comes to choosing the right accessories for installing half-round gutters, it’s easy to get tripped up when it comes to hangers. There are several different hanger types, and each one has its own unique set of benefits. This means that you should choose your gutter hanger based on your individual application.   Roof Hanger   The roof hanger is in the shape of the letter J and is designed to mount to the roof sheathing. Installation involves simply bending the hanger so it matches the pitch of the roof, then fastening the hanger to the sheathing via pre-drilled holes. This is ideal for situations… Continue reading »

How to Ensure You’re Using the Right Gutter System for Your Home

When it comes to a gutter system, many homeowners think that as long as they sufficiently move water from the roof to the ground, they are in good shape. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are several things to consider when it comes to making sure your gutters are the best gutters for your home.   Materials and Their Benefits   One of the most important parts of ensuring your gutters are right for your home involves thinking about the material they are made of. Different materials fare better in different climates and even in different homes.   Aluminum – Aluminum is inexpensive and lightweight, which makes it very popular. Plus, the range of colors available in Aluminum is… Continue reading »