Micro Mesh Gutter Guards vs. Traditional Leaf Guards: Pros and Cons

Gutter guards are designed to make typical gutter maintenance easier and to extend the lives of gutter systems in general. There are numerous types of gutter guards available on the market, including traditional leaf guards as well as micro mesh gutter guards. Below, you can learn more about these two options so that you can make the best possible decisions for your (or your clients’ if you are a contractor) unique needs.   What Does a Gutter Guard Do?   A gutter guard is simply a cover that fits over or inside your gutter system to block debris without impeding the flow of water. They are beneficial for a number of reasons, including:   Reduced gutter maintenance – Homeowners who… Continue reading »

Don’t Like Cleaning Your Gutter Downspouts? Here are 5 Tips for Making it Simpler

Most homeowners dread the time of year when they have to clean their gutters. It’s a boring and dirty project, but it’s one that must be done. Your downspouts are an important part of your gutter system, so it’s important that you do not overlook them during your spring and fall maintenance. Below, you will find five tips to make cleaning your downspouts simpler and far more effective.   #1 – Trim Back Tree Limbs   Trimming back your tree limbs regularly so that they do not overhang your roof is one of the absolute best ways to make gutter and downspout cleaning much, much simpler. When there’s nothing overhanging your roof, there will be far less debris. This includes… Continue reading »

Is All the Spring Rain Causing Your Gutters to Sag? Time to Check Your Gutter Hangers

With spring in full bloom, people across the nation have begun to experience torrential downpours and all-day soaking rains that really test their gutters’ mettle. If it’s been a while since you’ve inspected your gutters for sagging, now is the perfect time to do so – and follow a few simple tips in the process. Below, you’ll learn more about sagging gutters, what causes them, and what you can do to determine the best course of action.   What Makes Gutters Sag?   Though sagging gutters are far more common in the wintertime, they can occur during the spring months, too, under the weight of excessive rainfall. A sagging gutter is usually the result of a disproportionate weight in one… Continue reading »

Tips for Choosing the Right Gutter Machine for Your Business

Whether you already own an established construction or roofing company or you’re interested in starting up a gutter repair, installation, and maintenance company from scratch, a gutter machine is a great way to add value and save your customers (and yourself) some money. Below, you can learn more about why a gutter machine is a great investment and discover a few tips for choosing the right machine for your needs.   Why Buy a Gutter Machine?   Everyone in the construction, roofing, or gutter installation industry can benefit from investing in a gutter machine. These machines can:   Allow your company to provide extra services. This saves your clients time and may even allow them to get the necessary repairs… Continue reading »