How to Deal with Clogged Downspouts the Easy Way

If it’s pouring down rain, but nothing is coming out of your downspouts, and your gutters seem to be overflowing, there’s an incredibly good chance that your downspouts are clogged. Though this may seem like a real headache, there are a few different ways to clear the clog quickly and ensure that your gutter system works as it should. Here’s how to do it. Prevention is the Best Maintenance of All Before diving into the various steps involved in clearing your downspouts, it’s important to understand that these clogs can be prevented before they occur. There are a couple of different ways to do this – downspout filters and gutter guards. A downspout filter simply fits over the junction between… Continue reading »

What You Should Know About Gutter Machine Sizes and Profiles

Gutter machines all do pretty much the same thing, but they don’t all do it in the same way. In fact, different gutter machines come in unique sizes and profiles that you should understand before you make a purchase. Below, you will find some information about the various sizes and profiles associated with the gutter machines available on today’s market. Gutter Sizes Gutter sizes are standard across the industry, but not all gutter machines can produce gutters of every size. For example, some gutter machines can only produce 5” gutters while others produce 6”, and some combination-style machines can produce both. Some machines are capable of creating 7” or even 8” gutters, which are rare but recommended on commercial buildings… Continue reading »