Downspout and Elbow Machines

In order to offer a complete gutter system—and do it all “in-house”—you need some additional equipment to supplement your seamless gutter machine.  With appropriate equipment you can make both downspout pipe and elbows. Portable Downspout Machine If you want a portable downspout machine that you can take to the job site, you are rather limited in your choice: Liberty Seamless is the only U.S. company which makes such a machine.  Their portable downspout machine is comparable in size to a seamless gutter machine.  It can produce 2×3 or 3×4 downspouts from aluminum, steel, or copper stock.  For 4×5 or round downspouts no “portable” machines are produced in the U.S.  If you want to make those kinds of downspouts you will have to buy… Continue reading »

How Do Gutter Covers Work?

For hundreds of years rain gutters have been used in house design. Many different materials have been used over the centuries starting with stone, later zinc and wood, and today aluminum, galvanized steel, or copper. And as long as there have been rain gutters, there has been the need to regularly clean out the gutters because they have always collected and filled up with leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris. What is needed is something that will allow the water to pass through but will catch and hold any solid material being carried along by the water. Various inventive people have created all kinds of solutions. Today these are marketed as gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter screens, or gutter filters. The simplest solution… Continue reading » Color Chart

Buying New vs. Used Gutter Machines

You are starting a seamless gutter business.  You have carefully analyzed the market in which you are going to compete.  You have decided what type of gutter you want to market.  You have identified the companies that manufacture the seamless gutter machine you want to buy.  You have researched their web sites, talked to the dealers, and gotten quotes.  The costs are a bit higher than you expected, but you are not deterred.  What next?  Somewhere in the back of your mind a question arises: “Can’t I save some money by buying a used machine?” New Gutter Machines A shiny new gutter machine includes all the latest technologies and improvements, which can help make your business productive and profitable.  It has up-to-the-minute… Continue reading »

Which Roof Panel Machine Is Right For You

Solder and Sealants

Solder and Sealants: Copper Gutter construction methods have traditionally relied on solder to ensure water tightness and to strengthen joints and seams.The solder used is common 50 50 tin-lead bar solder for uncoated copper, and 60-40 tin-lead for lead-coated copper. It is typically applied to mechanically fastened or formed, rigid joints. Soldered seams and joints are permanent; they should last the life of the copper. Continuous, long runs of soldered seams should be avoided to limit stress fractures. In the weathering process, the lead contained in solder turns gray. Exposed solder in the finished joints can be minimized with the use of blind soldering. In this technique, solder is applied to the back or concealed edge of copper surfaces. An… Continue reading »