What Are Gutter Leader Heads?

A leader head can make or break the image that your home projects in general. An appropriate leader head can make “upgrade” it value beyond your moderate expectations. Choosing the right leader head can be compared to an artist applying the finishing touch to his creation. It puts everything in perspective, with its colour, design, and placement. It blends with the façade and provides a complimentary boost to the appearance. It lifts the image of the home from that of an ordinary traditional one to that of one with class. A leader head or conductor head is primarily used to channel water from the rooftops safely to the underground drainage system. These serve the dual purposes of saving on the… Continue reading »

What Are Gutter Covers Made Of?

The materials selected when choosing different gutter protection products are crucial to the performance and longevity of the system. When deciding on gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter screens, or gutter filters, one of the factors that must be considered is the environmental conditions the parts will see during their lifetime. The parts will be outdoors, day and night, anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or wherever else the suppliers ship the product. While there may not be many residential buildings at these exact sites, the range of temperatures in the U.S. is extreme. A temperature of 135°F has been recorded at Death Valley, California. At the other extreme, Prospect Creek, Alaska has a recorded low of –83°F. That is a range… Continue reading »

Getting Started in the Seamless Gutter Business

Starting a new business isn’t hard—thousands upon thousands of people do it every year.  Every one of these new companies expects success.  Their owners certainly wouldn’t start with the intention of failing.  However, the Small Business Administration says that two years after startup, one-third of all new businesses are out of business.  At the five-year mark 56% of them are gone. So, starting isn’t hard—succeeding is what is hard.  Before you start a business you need to decide that you are going to be part of that 44%, learn why and how they succeed, and take the necessary steps to be sure that your success happens. A major reason many new businesses fail is unrealistic expectations about what the business… Continue reading »

Retaining Resale Value on Gutter Machines

In purchasing a new seamless gutter machine you have probably invested somewhere in the range of $6,000 to $15,000, depending on the type selected.  If you have listened to what the dealers have probably told you, you understand that the machine is capable of lasting for at least 20 years, and maybe for 30 years or more, in active use.  You may also have heard service personnel tell horror stories about machines that had to be replaced in 10 years because of severe abuse by the operators.  What is the key difference?  Tender loving care. In an article published by Construction Management on their web site, Fritz Batz, service manager of Knudson Manufacturing, is quoted as saying, “The most successful gutter companies… Continue reading »

Installation of End Caps

Tools that will be needed for attaching an end cap to a gutter: End Cap Crimper 12-1 Sealant Caulking Gun Steps in installing end caps to gutters Insert back part of end cap over back part of gutter. Work bottom of end cap over bottom of gutter. Do the first two steps for attached the face of the end cap to the gutter. You will make 2 crimps on each of the face, back, and bottom of gutter. Next you will need to caulk the inside of the gutter that is attached to the end cap. After the last step is done, you have completed the installment process of attaching an end cap to a gutter.