Why not clean the gutters on a sunny day? Yeah, why not?
If you decide to clean outthe gutters periodically this summer, you can hire a service to do it for you, or you can do it yourself (remember, safety first!).
Do it periodically if your home is within an area where there are trees that you know will drop leafs and other debris in the gutters.
So why on a sunny day? Or during the day for that matter? That way you can see what’s going on in the gutters. As you clean them, you can inspect them (or have a professional do it for you) for any damage. Wear gloves and safety glasses, you never know what you’ll find in there. As you clean the gutters, you can see up close if there are dents, leaks, damaged hangers, etc. Then, assessing the situation and the condition of your home’s gutters, you can determine what it is that you need for replacing damaged or worn out gutter system materials. Our website, www.guttersupply.com, has everything under the “roof” when it comes to gutter supplies, products, and more!

If you get tired of cleaning them, you can do one of two things… hire a professional to clean them for you regularly (very important in autumn, when dry leafs really clog up the downspout), or have gutter guardsinstalled. We have many gutter guard options to choose from.

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