5 Expert Tips for Working Smarter in 2015

No matter what business you are in, we all want to work smarter not harder.  Especially for small contracting firms saving valuable time and accomplishing more throughout the day leaves room for tasks which help grow the company.   If you are a busy small business owner looking for ways to work more efficiently than ever before there are some simple things you can do to streamline your day-to-day duties.  By integrating just a couple of these tasks into your schedule can save you 5-10 hours by the end of your workweek.

Here are 5 expert tips to working smarter, not harder, in 2015:

·         Utilize Sell Sheets – Sell sheets are a great way to explain complicated processes to the average consumer.  Rather than having to describe a specific product over the phone or in-person, you can give yourself a jump start with an informative sell sheet.  These materials are also helpful for promoting new products and can be further customized with your unique logo and contact information.  To learn more about the customized sell sheets GutterSupply.com offers to our valued contractors, visit us here.
·         Use GutterSupply.com’s Quick Shop – Do you find yourself spending hours navigating through a supplier’s site to find the right supplies for a job?  GutterSupply.com makes the process simple through their Quick Shop.  Quick Shop organizes supplies by material and then allows you to select the sizes, quantities and styles you need.  It puts everything you need on one simple page.
·        Shop in Bulk – Buying in bulk is smart for two reasons.  First, it saves you valuable time by always having supplies you use frequently available whether they are on the truck or stored in a warehouse. Second, buying in bulk saves you money by purchasing in larger quantities.  Most reputable online suppliers such as GutterSupply.com have “Buy More, Save More”programs available to their customers.
·        Invest in On-the-Go Technology – If you have yet to invest in a smartphone or tablet there is no time better than now.  These helpful tools can allow you to share calendars with your employees, research technical information while on the jobsite and order supplies right from the truck.  Some programs even draft contracts that customers can electronically sign with their fingertips while you send them their copy via email.
·        Outsource Office Duties– Basic bookkeeping, customer billing, and even employee paychecks can take up a lot of time.  Consider outsourcing these tasks to a firm specializing in that specific area.  Hiring a reputable accountant to keep you current on the latest tax codes while balancing your ledgers can also be helpful.  Funds put towards these services can often be recouped by the additional hours you are able to dedicate to what you do best – run your small business.

By incorporating just a few simple strategies into your work day, you can dedicate more time into growing your small business.  At GutterSupply.com, we continuously strive to offer programs and services to help you do just that.  From the Quick Shop to our valued contractor program, we are dedicated to assisting our customers throughout the industry.  To learn more about the ways in which GutterSupply.com can help your small business flourish, visit us at guttersupply.com

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