November 20, 2014 | by Mike Milliman

5 Tasks to Get Your Gutters Ready for Winter

If your customers live in the northern regions of the US, they are accustomed to yearly prepping’s for the dreaded winter months.  These chores may include completing a chimney cleaning, adding insulation to the windows, and getting the snow blower gassed and ready to go.  During this time of preparation, it is also important to remember to get our gutters ready for the snow and ice that winter brings.  Helping your customers complete just a few simple tasks will ensure the gutter system keeps their home safe and dry all season long.

Here are 5 tasks to help get your customer’s gutters ready for winter:

  1. Clean out the Gutters – The number one task that should be completed before winter arrives is a thorough gutter cleaning.  All debris should be removed from the system allowing for the free flow of melting snow and ice when winter arrives.  Some homeowners may want to wait until later in the autumn season to ensure that all the falling leaves are cleared from their gutters.
  2. Don’t forget the Downspouts – When cleaning the gutters, don’t forget to also check the downspouts.  It is just as important that these are clear of any clogs and are free of cracks or leaks.  Running a hose through the downspout can help determine if there is blockage within.
  3. Check for Leaks – Leaks in either the gutters or the downspouts can create huge problems with water pooling in areas it shouldn’t.  It can also cause water to leak into the home’s foundation causing even more damaging issues.   Leaks are most prone to occur in the gutter system’s joints.  If one is found, use a product such as Rescue 911 Instant Leak Sealer to seal the area.  This product is flexible, waterproof, and weather-resistant making it a perfect solution for winter prepping.

  4. Install Snow Guards – Although not directly related to the gutter system, snow guards help to manage the flow of melting snow and ice on the home’s rooftop and prevents huge avalanches of snow from falling onto the gutter system possibly damaging it.  Snow guards come in a number of sizes and materials so make sure to choose the right one for your customer’s needs.
  5. Add Extensions – When needed, extensions can be a great way to further lengthen the flow of water away from the home preventing leaks in the foundation.  Flexible extensions are any easy fix to prevent water from pooling and freezing directly near pathways or other areas.  The Flex-A-Spoutis a great option to easily extend the water flowage.  This product can also be helpful all year long and comes in brown, green, and white to match any home’s exterior.

Looking for products to help prepare your customer’s gutters for winter?  As the leading online supplier of gutter supplies and tools, has everything you need to get the job done.  We carry a large inventory of quality products such as the Rescue 911 Instant Leak Sealer and the Flex-A-Spout all at the lowest prices in the industry.  Visit our website today to learn more.


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