6 Essential Ways a Gutter System Protects Your Home

Clogged Gutters

Most homeowners don’t spend much time thinking about their gutters. In fact, they may not even put much effort into maintaining them like they should be. But when water starts to cause problems around the property, they soon realize the important role gutters play in protecting their home. Unfortunately this can be a tough lesson to learn. By the time moisture is able to penetrate the home, you are already in the grips of what could lead to a major home disaster costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and countless hours of time and energy.


Put quite simply, gutters prevent water damage. When we don’t take precautionary steps to properly maintain the gutter system we risk the chance of experiencing many moisture-related issues. Keeping the gutters clear of leaves, preventing clogs, and ensuring proper slope are all necessary steps to maintaining a healthy system.


Gutters protect your home in many essential ways including:


1. Gutters prevent water buildup on the roof. Rather than sitting on the edge of the roof, rain, sleet and snow can safely be sent through the downspouts and away from the home.


2. Gutters keep your landscaping safe. Too much water draining into any one section of the property can lead to rainwater flooding. Gutters protect your landscaping from becoming waterlogged by evenly spreading out the drainage.


3. Water leaks into the home’s basement or living space is no laughing matter. Gutter systems prevent these leaks and, along with them, foundational damages that can occur.


4. Gutter systems reduce the risk of mosquito and other insect infestations. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Gutters send them elsewhere by safely reducing the amount of water that centralizes in any given area.


5. Gutters help protect against erosion. Diverting water away from a centralized area, they protect the fragile top soil from wearing down. This also reduces the risk of foundation issues as the top soil adds an additional layer of protection against water penetration.


6. Paint and exterior damage is also reduced when you have a working gutter system. Paint on the home can begin to peel and crack when constantly exposed to moisture. Rotting and rusting of exterior finishes can also occur with the increased dampness.


When ready to replace your gutter system you want purchasing the necessary tools and supplies to be as easy as possible. Visiting multiple stores to find exactly what you need not only wastes time but could end up costing you more money to complete the project. Professional contractors know that the quickest, smartest way to shop for supplies is to head online. As a leading online gutter company, GutterSupply.com has one of the largest selections you will find anywhere.


Have questions? Just ask. To make sure you find what you need, we have a staff of technical experts waiting to answer any and all of your questions. For assistance in placing your order contact us at 888.909.RAIN.

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