7” Gutter in High Demand

While the rest of the country is dealing with the Polar Vortex, the deep southern states are experiencing  heavier downpours in short intervals.  With more rain and heavier water flow, the 5” and 6” gutters we are all accustomed to, in many cases are not able to keep up.

  Over the past couple of years, we’ve been noticing an increase in sales of 7” Gutter, as well as an increase in 7” Gutter Machine purchases.

The gutter machine industry has caught on to that trend, offering both commercial and residential style 7” gutter machines.  KWM Manufacturing and New Tech Machinery have both stepped up their production on 7” machines due to the recent demand for these larger size gutters.

For areas with tile roofs, 6” gutter isn’t always wide enough to handle the rain because of the thickness of the tile at the highest point.  Also with the gain in popularity of metal roofing, 7” is becoming more in demand because of how fast the water gets to the gutter. 

Don’t be left in the dark!  As a contractor, it’s a prime benefit to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack by offering a viable solution for your customers’ issues.  As our data indicates, there is a trend emerging for more 7” Gutter in the southern climates.

7” New Tech Commerial Box Gutter Machine

7′ K Style Ironman Gutter Machine

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