7 Tips for Installing Christmas Lights on Gutters

Xmas Lights

The holiday season is officially here and along with it the hurried scramble to get the lights hung outside before the cold snow and weather comes.  While you may want to rush through the process, it is important to take time to ensure that the lights are not only safe and secure but also aren’t causing unnecessary damage to your gutters, eaves, soffits, and siding.  Taking just a few extra steps can safeguard your home’s exterior from avoidable wear and tear while allowing you to transform your house into a festive and decorative masterpiece.

Here are seven tips on safely securing Christmas lights to the gutter system and surrounding areas:

  1. Take time to measure before you begin.  Use a long tape measure to determine the length of string you need prior to starting.Then lay your lights on the ground in the desired pattern to make sure you have enough length.  A little slack never hurts; when lights are too taut they can strain the gutter system.
  2. Also check the lights.  Frayed or damaged lights can be a fire hazard for the home.  Plug in the strings to ensure they are all working properly before your begin clipping them on.
  3. Prep yourself with the right clothing.  If you live in northern regions, this may include base layers that keep you dry and outer layers that block out the wind and elements.  You will also want to invest in heavy-duty gloves to safeguard your hands while working.  If using staples or nails, leather palm gloves can provide the protection you need.
  4. Use light clips when possible.  Light clips tend to be less rough on your gutters and soffits while also keeping your lights in place.  Read the clip’s package to find the ones right for the material you are attaching it to.
  5. Make sure to always use a durable ladder for the job. You may also want to consider a ladder stabilizer such as the Ladder-Max brand ladder stabilizer.  Not only does it make your trips safer but also helps to prevent damage to your gutters, soffits, metal siding, and eaves.
  6. Did you know that clips come in both vertical and horizontal designs?  Most will work with a standard gutter system but make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on installation so you don’t damage the clips or the gutters.
  7. If hanging other d├ęcor from the gutters, check the weight load first.  You don’t want to strain your system by hanging too heavy of items on them.

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