The Leaves are About to Fall! Make Sure your Gutter Screens are in Working Order

Is your home ready for autumn?  More importantly is your gutter system ready for the changing seasons?  The leaves will soon be falling.  While this may be the perfect time for a Sunday drive viewing the foliage, it is also the time when your gutter system is most likely to clog.  And clogged gutters and gutter screens are no fun at all.


Clogged gutters can create many troublesome problems around the home.  Overflowing systems, water damage and roof leaks can all be caused by blocked gutters.  The gutters themselves can also become damaged as they strain under the weight of heavy, thick buildup.


The best way to protect your home from clogged gutters is by installing quality gutter screens.  Gutter screens help keep the debris out while allowing excess water flow to be safely drained away from the home.  In order for gutter screens to do their job though they need to be in good working order.  Holes, cracks and dents can all reduce their ability to offer your gutters the protection they need.


To properly protect your gutter system from clogging leaves and debris, it is important to make sure your screens are in good condition.


Follow this gutter screen inspection checklist:

  • Inspect for blocks or excess buildup on the gutter screens themselves.


  • Remove all leaves from the top of the screens.  If left, the leaves will decompose and can deposit through into the gutters themselves.


  • Make sure the screens are securely attached to the gutters through the entire length of the system. Refasten any loose areas where debris could get through.


  • Examine all fasteners or screws to ensure they are in place and not damaged or rusting.


  • Check for holes within the screen itself.  Replace sections as needed.


  • Inspect for dents or rust on the gutter screens.  Aluminum gutter screens are especially prone to deterioration and damage.


  • Live in a high wind area?  Gutter screens should be fastened with sheet metal screws.


  • Also inspect the gutters themselves checking for buildup within the system as well as bird nests or insect infestation.   Run a hose through to the flush the system or remove sections of screen for larger areas in need of cleaning.


Don’t let worn, broken gutter screens wreak havoc on your home. Replace them today!  Most screens can be easily installed in as little as one day and by the homeowners themselves.  Check out and our large selection of gutter screens, guards and more.  We are one of the largest suppliers of gutter-related materials and supplies you’ll find anywhere online.


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