Advice for preparing your home for the winter

It’s not too late to address the gutters on your home. Now that most of the leaves have fallen, cleaning your gutters and installing gutter guards now will pay dividends for many seasons to come.
When leaves and debris collect in your gutters, it will create a clog in the gutters and downspouts. This can be prevented by having the right products already in place in your gutter system – Gutter Guards. But it doesn’t hurt to check the gutters and gutter guards seasonally. If not, a clogged gutter will overflow, damaging the roof, trim, and siding. And this is how it can start:

A big leaf sits on top of the downspout, then all other debris piles up on it, really clogging and preventing rainwater to flow down properly. Or there are sticks that fell from a branch nearby – and they act like a net, trapping leaves, and more leaves until the downspout is clogged. Gutter guards (or even wire strainers) can prevent all of this from happening.

Overtime, without gutter guards, the debris can cause additional weight on the gutters, and wet leaves and water could cause the gutters to loosen from their anchor points with a possibility of collapsing.

To prevent all of this, check all gutters and downspouts. Clean them all out and make sure there are no clogs. Clogged gutters in the winter months can turn into future gutter failure and expensive repairs. 

Keep in mind, there is usually the warm spell in the winter where the temperature rises above 32°F. What happens then? Snow and ice will melt, and the water runoff will try to get in the gutters. If the gutters are not properly cleaned out as a precaution, there could be ice damming – this means that water is unable to drain through the gutters, with a possibility of water dripping from the walls and ceiling.
We have many gutter guards to choose from. We carry Filter Flow, which is a foam filter, Gutter Guard, which allows rainwater to flow through its unique perforations. Our most economical, the K-Style Drop-In Gutter Screen, and many more!

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