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June 13, 2013 | by Mike Milliman

The Weathering & Aging of Copper Gutters

Patina – what is it? A natural oxidation process which forms a unique protective layer to copper. The Statue of Liberty is covered in copper, and with weather and age, has turned into the green color we are all familiar with. She was not painted green; she was originally the natural brown copper, then as nature took its course, she is the familiar color we all know her for.
There are many other statues made of copper that have that greenish color – that is patina, the process of copper oxidation. Copper exposed to the elements will develop this beautiful, green finish over time.
Gutter Supply has everything under the roof when it comes to copper gutters and copper rain chains. Patina on copper produces a strong and protective finish over the years. Patina undergoes a series of color changes until it achieves its common light-green color. Overtime, with copper gutters, this oxidation process will give the copper gutters on your home an aesthetic, antique look.
The building on the left has good examples of patina on the dome, and below the newer copper. The gutters right below the dome have patina on them, making them unique to this building.
Copper gutters are extremely durable in most environments, and can last over 100 years with patina on them. The patina oxidation makes gutters or any other architectural copper application last longer.

The natural weathering cycle of copper is illustrated by the 12 sequential color plates.
We carry many different types and styles of copper gutter supplies. From K Style to Half Round gutters, to downspouts, hangers, end caps, brackets, and copper coil, we have what you need when it comes to your copper gutter supply needs.
If you have any questions regarding copper gutters, or any other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – 888-909-7246, or visit We are here and happy to help you.
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