Are Your Gutters Draining Poorly? Check to See if Your Gutter Screens are Filled with Debris

With the rainy season upon us, now is the time to make sure your gutters are up to the task of removing and rerouting rainwater from your roof to a safe area outside your home. If your gutters do not appear to be draining as they should, there are several things you can check – including your gutter screens. Here are some tips and tricks for improving your gutter system’s drainage.


Determining Your Gutter’s Drainage Capabilities


You may be wondering how you can tell whether your gutters are struggling to provide ample drainage. The best way to do this is to gauge the amount of flow exiting your downspouts during a rainstorm. If you have water spilling over the tops of your gutter system, and if it seems as if there just isn’t enough water coming from your downspouts, then you very likely have an issue somewhere along the line, and you will need to pinpoint it in order to protect your roof, siding, and even foundation from water damage. If you would rather not wait for a rainstorm, you can simply shoot a water hose onto your roof and watch as the water drains through the gutter system and through the downspouts.


Two Causes of Slow Drainage


you’ve determined that you have slow drainage, there are three primary causes for this.


Clogged Gutters/Downspouts – Slow drainage of water coming out of the downspouts or overflow of water from the tops of your gutter system are indicators of a clog. Clogs are likely to happen, especially if you do not have gutter protection or if you haven’t cleaned your gutters at least once a year. Clogs can form from leaves and branches, roof residue and dirt, pine needles, bird nests and even other obstructions such as small balls from the kiddos. The best way to remedy this situation is to have your gutters and downspouts cleaned. To prevent future occurrences, have your gutters and downspouts cleaned on a regular basis and also install a gutter protection system.


Leaking gutters – Check along the length of your gutter system for things like cracks, holes, and separation along the gutters’ seams. If water is leaking from something like this, then there will not be as much water reaching your downspouts. Some of these issues are easily corrected, but in some cases, you may actually need to replace a section of your gutter system.


Debris caught on top of Gutter Protection system – If your gutters appear to be in good condition, but you still aren’t getting proper drainage, this indicates a problem with your gutter protection system. Whatever your system (screens, hoods, mesh, etc.), check to see whether these have been covered by leaves or other debris. If not, remember there may also be downspout wire strainers in the outlets where the downspout connects to the gutter. These are small wire baskets, used to prevent debris from entering the downspouts. Unfortunately, if the debris is larger than the opening of the wire baskets, it will get caught and cause a clog. Simply check above each downspout to see whether there is debris caught and if it is, remove it.


Keeping Gutter Protection Systems Clean


While gutter protection products are a fantastic addition to any system as they can prevent clogs from lodging themselves in tough areas like your downspouts, they don’t make your gutters completely maintenance-free. In fact, even with protection, it’s absolutely vital that you clean your gutters regularly. Gutter protection prevents debris from entering the gutter system, but the systems themselves can clog, too. Failing to remove clogs in a timely manner could inevitably render your gutter system ineffective, leading to roof damage, siding damage, or even a cracked foundation. Clean your gutter system at least once each year, or more often if there are trees overhanging your roof.


Gutter protection systems are very important accessories, especially for homes that are surrounded by trees. Though they can make life much easier for homeowners, they do still require maintenance and attention. Check your gutters and protection regularly and remove any debris as it accumulates. This will help keep your gutter system in proper working order, allowing them to continue to protect your home as they should.


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