Beyond the Home: Selling Gutters for Peripheral Buildings

When homeowners consider adding a gutter system to the home, the decision is often a no-brainer.   Keeping excess water away from the foundation, they are often considered a critical part of the home’s exterior. But many homeowners often forget that other buildings on their property need protection too. Installing gutters onto peripheral buildings can be just as important. Thinking outside the box, this add-on service is a prime example of how to boost sales while offering your customers additional services to protect their real estate investments.

Now more than ever, homeowners are building expensive outer structures along with their new homes. Pole barns, free-standing garages, and larger sheds are popular additions as people look for ways to store their large RV’s and boats. To accommodate their storage needs, many are even building structures that can span thousands of square feet.  Along with a quality roof and durable siding, these buildings will also need gutters to properly drain water away from what is often the concrete slab on which it is built. Letting water pool around its base can lead to a number of problems. Issues that can occur include: soil erosion underneath the structure, damage to the foundation or floor, and unsettling and cracking of the floor.  It is important to stress to homeowners the importance of protecting all their buildings from structural water damage saving them both time and money in the future. The best way to accomplish this is through a quality gutter system.

While the main reason we install gutters systems onto a home is to protect it from water damage, there is also an aesthetic appeal which they provide. What many fail to realize is that it is important for other buildings on the property to reflect this same style and look as well. Especially when renovating an existing home, many forget the impact that drastic exterior changes can make to the property’s overall uniformity. Installing the same or similar gutter system onto
peripheral buildings can provide a seamless look preventing any one building from standing out like a sore thumb. Likewise homeowners should keep this in mind when building a new structure next to an existing home. Just as we try to match siding colors and roofing materials, the gutter system should also be taken into consideration.

Another benefit to installing a gutter system is that it is a sound investment. Whether it is a home, large garage, or shed, adding a quality gutter system will increase the property’s value while also making it more desirable to potential buyers when it comes time to sell. Emphasizing the return on investment homeowners can achieve can be a huge selling point.

At, we are continuously looking for ways to offer the best prices and largest selection to our contracting partners in the gutter industry. As America’s leading online supplier, we provide our customers the tools and materials needed to complete any size job. From large commercial installations to smaller shed renovations, has got you covered.

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