Why Copper Rain Chains Make the Perfect Addition to a High End Home

When it comes to your high end home, you want it to stand out. You want it to look beautiful both inside and out. To make a home truly one of a kind, the details matter. Small touches such as copper rain chains can mean the difference between a standard home and one that really “wows”.   Copper rain chains compliment an existing home exterior. Many homeowners appreciate how well copper rain chains compliment their existing gutter system. They seamlessly blend in with many different types of finishes. They also add style and elegance to an otherwise standard design. Enhancing its appeal, copper rain chains can add visual interest to a plain exterior.   Copper rain chains are a beautiful… Continue reading »

Rain Chains: A Decorative and Functional Replacement to Downspouts

Every property owner needs a way to safely and effectively move the rainwater away from their gutters, roof and home. The traditional downspout is often the first solution we think of to do the job. But what if there is a more attractive yet effective solution? A beautiful rain chain is that solution.   Although they may seem trendy, rain chains are nothing new. Their origins run deep as a staple in Japanese homes for hundreds of years. In Japan, they are known as “kusari doi” which translates to “rain gutter.” Only over the last couple decades have these Asian decorative feature become popular for American homeowners looking to add style and interest to their outdoor space.   What are… Continue reading »

How Gutter Guards Save Homeowners Time and Money

Do you want a gutter system that not only functions better but is easier to clean and maintain? Do you want to save money and time maintaining your gutter system? If so, installing a gutter guard system may be the answer you are looking for.   The Purpose of a Gutter Guard System Gutter guard systems prevent leaves and other waste from entering the gutters themselves. They top the gutters allowing the water to enter the system while keeping the debris out. Since they reduce the amount of material that enters, gutter guards can also decrease the chance of clogging. And they make the need for gutter sweeping less frequent as the system stays cleaner for longer.   Benefits of… Continue reading »

Add Value to Your Home on a Budget with Designer Copper Aluminum

  On a budget when it comes to your home renovations?  Most homeowners want to make smart choices when it comes to their remodeling choices.  They want to strike the balance between adding value to the home while also staying within their budget constraints.  Creating that “wow” factor without the expensive price tag.   One great way to update the look and feel of your home and still keep money in your wallet is by using designer copper aluminum in your gutter system. Designer copper aluminum is an excellent alternative to traditional copper closely mimicking its beautiful weathered look.  If you love the look of copper but its price is simply out of reach, designer copper aluminum could be the… Continue reading »

From Value to Maintenance: What’s the Perfect Gutter System for Your Home?

Whether you already own a home or are building a new one, at some point, you will likely need to make the tough choice of choosing a new gutter system. Although not as exciting as a stunning kitchen remodel replacing a worn, dated gutter system is essential to keeping your home safe from water damage. Gutters perform the important function of safely draining excess rain water away from the home. This prevents the water from pooling around the property causing problems to the foundation, roof and more.   K-Style or Half-Round, aluminum or vinyl, seamless or traditional. When it comes to choosing the right gutter system for your home, the possibilities can seem endless. An easier way to discover the… Continue reading »

Heated Gutters: How They Can Save Your Home During Winter

  Intricate snowflakes. Glistening blankets of white. Winter can offer some of nature’s most stunning backdrops. With the snowy season though also comes the three-letter word many homeowners dread – I-C-E. While icicles can be beautiful to observe hanging from trees or in nature, they are nuisance when they begin to accumulate on your home hanging from gutters and making your walkways slick. Ice can wreak havoc on the home as it weighs it down and then melts into a watery mess. Ice damming within the gutter system is one of the most troublesome (and frequent) problems homeowners experience. It can lead to many potential threats to the home’s integrity including foundational problems, hanging or sagging gutters and loosened shingles…. Continue reading »

10 Bonus Entries

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Why Decorative Copper Aluminum Makes Sense

Want the look of copper without the high price tag?  If so, you may be interested in learning more about Decorative Copper Aluminum.  As professional contractors continuously search for cost-effective alternatives to standard copper gutter systems, many are finding decorative copper aluminum as an excellent economical yet beautiful alternative.  It offers a practical, inexpensive approach to the traditional gutter system while adding charm and beauty to the home.  Read on to learn more about why this material is becoming a popular choice among homeowners and contractors alike. Practical & Cost-EffectiveCopper has been a popular choice for gutter systems for decades but is often out of the price range for most property owners with modest homes.  Many like the look and… Continue reading »

A Practical Guide to Flux

Soldering flux is a vital part of gutter installation and repair.  Simply put, flux is a cleaning agent that reduces oxides from a metal allowing the metal and solder to more easily and uniformly dissolve into each other.  Carbonate of soda, borax, potash, and charcoal were some of the earliest form of flux.  Today, flux is utilized in virtually every soldering job spanning a number of industries including plumbing, gutter systems, and electronics. The Importance of Flux Flux can come from both organic and nonorganic materials as well as in both paste and liquid form.  Liquid flux is ideal for fast soldering and offers a strong cleaning agent for oxidized copper.  Paste flux both cleans and fluxes at the same… Continue reading »

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are becoming increasingly popular in the home improvement industry.  Many homeowners though are still reluctant to invest in them.  For some, they are unsure if the benefits outweigh the expense.  For others, they are simply unknowledgeable on how the systems work and the different options available.  As professional contractors, it is our job to inform our customers on why gutter guards are a sound investment for their home.      Below are five reasons why homeowners should install gutter guards: Gutter guards prevent damage from water, ice, and debris.  Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on a home.  Not only can they lead to overflow and ice damming, there is also the potential for damage to the foundation, walls,… Continue reading »