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April 30, 2013 | by Mike Milliman

Critters in the gutters? It does happen.

It has definitely gotten warmer. The birds chirp in the morning right as the sunrise is taking place. Squirrels hurry and raid bird feeders all day long. All winter clothes have been put away since they won’t be needed until later in the year. Let’s not forget though, that it is spring, and not just debris from trees can end up in a home’s gutter. Critters can also end up in the gutters.
As a contractor, you have to let home owners know that utilizing gutter guards prevent guttersfrom clogging the downspout and also discourage pests from making their home in the gutters. Nothing can be more disheartening when a home owner knows that there are nesting birds, only to find out that the young birds can be pushed out of nesting by a torrential rain down the downspout. The same goes for squirrels and their young.
The intelligent thing to do is to install gutter guardsand have peace of mind that vermin won’t make a residence in the gutters. If they do, they will definitely find comfort in the debris that is already there, and they will definitely add their own. Add their waste in this equation, and you have a smell proposition during the spring and summer months. As for squirrels, they will add more and more to their food cache of acorns and other nuts as the months go by.
Next time, tell this to the home owner: Pretend you are a robin (any kind of urban bird) or a squirrel, even a chipmunk – you are rummaging around on a roof and there it is, a nice bed of dry pine needles and other random dry leafs for mating and having babies…
If you need to go further in discussion, do so. Let the home owner learn that the best way for a free flowing gutter, is to use preventative maintenance and also preventative products, like gutter guards.
Here is something I found on the internet in preparation for this press release:
There is a female pigeon that has laid eggs in my gutter and that is blocking my water flow in the gutter!?
What should do? I can’t reach my gutter from my bathroom window and there’s no way i can reach that top!!! 🙁

P.S.: I don’t want to kill them!!! 🙁
Also, what if that home owner is cleaning the gutters and finds eggs, baby birds or newborn squirrels. Then what? Sure, they are cute, but they can bring an array of other issues.
Preventing pests from taking a hold of the gutters discourages them to live there, and makes them find other places to live, just not the home’s gutters.

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