Econony Recovering? Copper Seems To Tell Us So!

What does the gutter industry have to do with the economy? If you buy and/or sell Copper Gutters, you may have a pretty good idea.

Check out this article on Copper prices and their relation to the world economy…

You know, when an economy does start to recover, it’s not widely known at the time. In fact, the news will still be as full of “gloom and doom” as ever even when it starts.

So you won’t know when the economy is turning by listening to the nightly news. So what can you look to?

Well, here is one widely watched economic barometer that institutional investors have used throughout the years. What is it? Copper. Now you may think, “What in the world does the price of copper tell us about the economy?”

Here’s why. Institutions say that “Copper has a PhD in Economics. Why? Because this commodity is so broadly used (in the building of homes and offices for plumbing and wiring to the building of computers and automobiles). You can literally see the broad demand put upon this commodity as the demand starts to “tick up” for these goods.

Read the full story at Daily Markets

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