Everything You Need to Know About Snow Guards

The winter season is quickly upon us.  Before we know it snow will be piling up on our sidewalks, streets, and roofs.  There is no time better than now for homeowner’s to install snow guards on their roof.  Dating back to 1874, snow guards have provided both security and protection from huge avalanches of snow falling off the roof and damaging the surrounding property.  These easy to install, unobtrusive roof accessories are helpful for the both the everyday homeowner and the small business looking to guard both property and people from massive amounts of heavy falling sheets of snow and ice.   Read on to learn everything you need to know about snow guards.

Snow Guard Advantages
Snow guards provide a number of benefits including:
  • Prevents snow from overloading gutters
  • Protects from snow avalanches and ice damming 
  • Helps to more evenly distribute the snow on the roof 
The great thing about snow guard installation is that you rarely need to remove shingles in order to install the guards.  Snow guards are often staggered in 3 rows.  Most snow guards are surface mounted and many can be installed using adhesive alone.  Others which require additional strength may be applied using both adhesive attachment and self-tapping screws or other suitable fasteners.   Snow guards can be placed both on new roofs and existing ones.  Depending on the material of which they are constructed, some snow guards can even be soldered to the roof panel.  This is especially ideal for copper roofs.  
Snow guards should be placed strategically throughout the roof on the areas in which the snow first begins to slide when melting.  There are two main concerns to consider when choosing where to place the snow guards: the pitch of the roof area and the infrastructure underneath the area.  Guards should be placed near higher pitches and where critical infrastructure is located below.

Guard Options
It is important to choose the right snow guard for your roof.  A slate or asphalt roof requires a snow guard with a slotted bar for secure placement.  You can even find options for metal, cedar, and flat tile roofs.  To match any type of roof, guards come in a number of materials and sizes from galvanized malleable iron to bronze, copper, and stainless steel.  Some areas may even need more heavy-duty snow guards if they receive more than the average snowfall.  Consider how many feet of snow you receive on average each year to determine if your roof could benefit from a stronger guard.
GutteSupply.com has a vast selection of snow guards and accessories all designed to protect any space from dangerous snow avalanches.  We carry a number of options to fit any roof style and need along with a multitude of finishes.  Not sure which one is right for your roof project?  Contact our expert team for help.  To see our large selection of snow guards or to learn more about them, visit our website or contact us at 888-909-RAIN.


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