Frozen gutter machine rollers

my gutter machine does not want to make gutter when it gets really, really cold out. Seems like the material doesn’t get pulled through the machine cause there is a bit of ice or frost on the rollers. the rollers still spin but it seems that the rollers slide off the coil like it is an ice rink. i don’t have indoor storage so the truck and machine have to stay outside all winter. wondering if there is any spray or liquid that i can spray on the rollers that won’t damage the rollers or damage the bearings, sprocket, or chains. Any help would be great.

2 thoughts on “Frozen gutter machine rollers”

  1. I would say that when we have that problem we unwind the coil, and make sure the machine is doing any work pulling the coil through the machine. I hope this helps.

    Jerry Smith
    Smitty’s Gutters

  2. I agree with Jerry, except when we have that problem we put a guy in the back of the machine, and help feed the coil in the machine, and always try to load the coil the morning of the job, so the coil isn’t as cold.

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