Gutter Machines: 4 Reasons Why Buying New is Better

For those in the home building industry, completing a job efficiently is critical to being successful in the field. Rather than being tied to a subcontractor’s clock, many are purchasing gutter machines to take control of their jobsites. With basic models ranging from $4,000 to $6,500, investing in this machine is often one of the biggest financial, yet affordable, decisions a small business owner in the industry will make. With an influx of pre-owned options in the marketplace, it sometimes can be hard to choose between a new model and a used machine. While buying used doesn’t always lead to disappointment, there are clear advantages to buying new.
Benefits of Buying New
1. Consistent, Quality Gutters – With a new gutter machine, you are assured a quality gutter is produced every time. Used machines will have at least a minimal amount of wear and tear, and if they were not properly maintained or misused by the previous owner, could result in an inferior end-product.
2. Competitive Pricing – Manufacturers struggle to remain competitive. Consequently, the prices for new machines have dropped in recent years, making a new unit an attractive option for those on the fence. With the price gap decreasing between new and used, many are taking advantage of special financing offers and promotions such as Gutter Supply’s Mega Gutter Machine Sale. This Mega Sale features a large selection of Ironman and New Tech quality gutter machines.

3. Less Adjustment Needed – Used gutter machines tend to fall out of alignment more often requiring frequent adjustments. While this may not be worrisome for those with this type of maintenance experience, it is still a time consuming endeavor. If you need to hire someone to the complete the service, your cost-savings will quickly be offset with service charges. Either way, production is lost while the machine is out for repair.

4. Technology Advantages – Similar to other industries, the gutter machine business continues to experience technological advancements designed to make a more efficient machine. New units often have features that simplify use and maintenance. While a “newer” used machine may seem comparable, buying new provides the latest features and functions. Keep in mind some used machines feature old gears and parts that may no longer be serviceable.

5” K Ironman Gutter Machine
5. Warranty – A frequently overlooked yet invaluable advantage to consider is the 3 year warranty on parts that typically comes with the purchase of a new gutter machine. The nature of how the machine functions makes this a benefit that should be given serious weight and consideration when reviewing the pros and cons of buying new versus used.
Purchasing a gutter machine is often one of the biggest investments a business owner will make. Our team at is here to help you make an accurate and informed decision about what machine best suits your needs. We have a fully-staffed crew of experts ready to answer your questions. With brands like Ironman and New Tech on sale, you are sure to find a quality product at an affordable price. offers exceptional service and generous financing options, so now is the time to start enjoying increased profits and the many benefits of owning a state-of-the-art gutter machine.

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