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When we used to do tear offs – we had a tool that made removing the gutters a breeze – and it didn’t damage the roof shingles. It could only be used on walkable roofs. Basically, I’d stand on the roof with a piece of angle iron that was about 4 ft. tall. At the top was another piece of angle iron that was welded horizontally like a “t” and was used for the handles and leverage. At the bottom was a 4″ diameter steel tube. There was a hook at the bottom that was about 4 inches wide that hooked the gutter where you’d hook a hidden hanger. After hooking the lip of the gutter, you’d pull back on the handle and the gutter would pull away from the fascia board – gutter, hangers, flashing and all – would come right out. You’d move down the length of the gutter and do this every 5 or 6 ft. You could tear off a couple hundred feet of gutter in less than a half hour – no problem.
Has anyone seen anything like this or know where I can purchase one of these. Or does anyone have a similar product?

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  1. I haven’t seen those gutter pullers in years, but the way our crew has found is an easy way to get gutters off on walkable roofs, is to use a roofing tear off bar (the nail puller type), and get it behind the hangers and yank them out, because the hangers seem to be the hardest thing to get off, then go back take out the screws/nails used to pitch the gutter.


  2. We had one of those gutter pullers made at a local welding shop, it’s just a 5ft. piece of square iron, with a 6″ round circular piece of iron welded to it, and a piece of angle iron welded to it, I think we paid like $75.00 labor, plus like $20.00, for some scrap piece they had laying around. It’s been a couple of years, and it still works great, you just have to be careful the flashing doesn’t pull up on the shingles, because they sometimes nail the flashing to the roof sheeting. I hope this helps.

    Jerry Smith
    Smittys Gutters

  3. its called “the green bar” and if you call up mile high seamless gutters they can tell you where to buy them the owner who recently passed invented it but he sold the patents to somebody else

    1. Hi Dan! Thanks for the info. Do you have a pic or a phone number/link for Mile High Seamless Gutters you can post?

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