Gutter Supply Comparison: KWM Gutterman (Ironman) vs New Tech Machinery

There are several companies which produce and distribute gutter machines. Two of the largest, most well-known companies include KWM Gutterman and New Tech Machinery. Today we’re going to compare these two brands in several key factors, to help purchasers make a solid buying decision. First, a little background information on each company.




This company was founded in the 1960s and is based out of Chicago. It is still run by the same family responsible for its creation, although the original founder has since passed away. The company sells their equipment on five different continents and has gutter machines ranging between $5,500 and $25,000. They currently produce the Ironman line of Gutter Machines, and up until last year were also the manufacturers of the Panther line of products. Their line of gutter machines are 100% American made in their manufacturing facility in Chicago.


New Tech


New Tech Machinery was founded in 1991 in Denver, Colorado, and is still based there today with a second manufacturing location in Hermosillo, Mexico. NTM was the first portable roll forming company to commercially produce and market a polyurethane drive roller machine with separate forming rollers. In 2015, New Tech Machinery was acquired by Mazzella Companies. The company sells equipment ranging between $5,500 and $50,000. New Tech is the manufacturer of both the Mach II and BG7 line of gutter machines and the SSQ, SSH and SSR line of Metal Roof Panel Machines.


Company Profiles and Reputation


Both companies have solid reputations when it comes to providing quality gutter machines – as well as other quality products. New Tech is better known for being a modern industry leader with unparalleled excellence in producing polyurethane drive roll systems. KWM, however, keeps the upper hand in terms of standing the test of time as their company has been manufacturing top of the line gutter machines for decades longer than New Tech Machinery.


Range of Options


KWM machines have a wider range of options, with a total of nine different gutter machines offering 34 different gutter profiles. New Tech, on the other hand, has four total gutter machines on the market with multiple different gutter profiles.




Although New Tech has a wider price range, their products are comparatively less expensive than those offered by KWM. This is decided when taking into consideration the median price of all products.




Both companies offer great warranties on their products. When compared side by side, both offer 3 years parts & labor on all mechanical components, however, New Tech extends their 3 years on electrical components, whereas KWM offers 1 year on electrical components.


Additional Features


Both manufacturers offer unique additional features for their lines of gutter machines. KWM offers a Next Generation Smart Machine. With a touch of a screen, the Ironman Next Generation Smart Machine will automatically add for miters, if applicable, and keep a total of the daily material ran and the total footage. This system also comes with an activated password protection feature that assures only authorized personnel will be able to operate the machine. The Next Generation Smart Machine option can be added to existing Ironman machines or purchased as an add-on to new Ironman machines.


New Tech offers a unique gutter embossing unit called Gutter Art. Gutter Art embosses a variety of unique designs across the face of the gutter. All patterns are available in 5” and 6” configurations and work on combo machines as well. Available designs include Ashley, Aztec, Stars & Stripes, Cherokee, and Diplomat. Custom patterns are also available. Gutter Art comes as an easily attachable box that mounts to the shear assembly.


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