Gutters and Gutter Guard Myths Debunked

Clogged Gutters

How much do homeowners really know about their gutters and the guards installed to protect them?  What they think is fact can be a far cry from the truth.  It is important to be aware of these misconceptions so that, as contractors, we can inform our customers on how gutters work, the function and purpose of a quality gutter guard system, and the best practices for maintaining both.  Below are some common myths about gutters and gutter guards.

The best person to clean my gutters is me….

Gutter cleaning is not just another chore that easily be accomplished by any homeowner.  The height at which you work and the difficult of this task can both make cleaning the gutter virtually impossible for some people with limited abilities or range of motion.  An experienced contractor with the appropriate ladder and tools to complete the work is often the best person for the job.

Few trees mean no debris in my gutters….

Just because a home has few or no trees, there are still many ways debris can get into the gutter system.  Wind-blown leaves from surrounding homes are often the common culprits  While properties with less trees may require fewer cleanings, they still need regular maintenance and inspections.

Gutter guards eliminate the need to ever clean my gutters again….

Installing gutter guards or gutter toppers can make necessary cleanings less frequent but does not completely eliminate the need for them. Virtually any system will allow at least some debris into the gutters themselves.  Gutter guards do however greatly reduce the amount of buildup while reducing the likelihood of blockages occurring. 

Gutter guards are ineffective….

Despite being a growing, thriving industry, many still believe that gutter guards are unnecessary for the average homeowner.  While every home and property is unique, many people can benefit from installing a quality guard system onto their home’s exterior.  These systems can greatly reduce the amount of debris within the gutters especially for homes with many trees and foliage.   For these types of properties, they can also lower the frequency in which gutter cleanings are necessary.

Metal is best when it comes to gutter guards….

Many believe that metal guards are far superior to any other type of system including vinyl.  While metal is a smart, durable choice the most important aspect to consider when choosing your gutter guards is which overall system is best for your unique home.  The climate in which you live, the foliage around your property, and the home’s architecture all play important parts in determining the right system for you.

If common myths have lead your customers to ignoring this important part of their home’s exterior, inform them on how to best to care for their gutters and gutter guards.  Stress to them the importance of annual maintenance and inspections.  Also make sure they know how critical quality installation by a trained professional can be to the durability and effectiveness of their system.  At we are dedicated to keeping both professionals and homeowners informed on the best practices within the gutter industry.  Click here to learn more.

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