How to Fix Leaky Gutters

A leaky gutter is one of the most common problems homeowners experience on their property’s exterior. A steady drip from a seam onto the driveway; peeling paint around the gutter area. These can both be signs of a gutter leak. While the initial effects of a faulty system are minimal when left unaddressed it can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs. Fortunately early detection and a proactive approach to gutter maintenance can keep the familiar problems associated with leaky gutter away.


A leaky gutter system can lead to a number of problems both inside and outside the home including:


– Rotting of the area surrounding the leak including wood fascia and soffits


– Damage to the foundation


– Water infiltration into the foundation leading to mold growth


– Peeling paint in the area of the leak


While a few leaks here or there may not be of concern when first noticed, it is important to address these problems right away. Many of the damages caused by leaky gutters happen over a period of time. Constant water permeation into the foundation, even if minimal, slowly eats away layer after layer of the surface until cracks begin to form. Once these cracks form, water starts to pool creating a prime environment for mold growth. The worst part is that many of these problems go unseen by homeowners because it happens underneath the surface of the home. For this reason, a proactive approach to gutter leaks is important.


Here are a few smart tips for fixing leaky gutters:


– Many leaks start when the gutters begin to rust due to standing water. Standing water is often an indicator of improper slope. Over the years, the individual pieces may shift and move caus-ing misalignment. If needed, adjust the slope of the gutters moving them back into place so water can easily be flushed out.<


– One of the simplest ways to handle a leaky system is by brushing a sealant along the seams on both the inside and outside of the cover. A good multipurpose one to try is the Ruscoe 12-1 Gutter Sealant.


– Bigger holes may be patched using a large piece of sheet metal.


– A protective coating spray such as Rescue 911 Leak Sealer can offer instant protection and is easy to apply. Spray it directly onto gutter joints to prevent leaks.


– Seamless gutters are the best material for preventing future leaks from happening. If your home is constantly plagued with leaks, consider hiring a professional to replace your existing gutters with new seamless ones.


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  1. I really like that you talked about how to fix smaller repairs in your gutters. As you said, bigger holes can also be fixed on the gutter. That being said, there are a lot of things that you will probably need a professional to help you fix. Do you have any tips about how to find the right person to fix your gutter?

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