Is Your Business Ready to Invest in a Gutter Machine? 5 Ways to Tell

If you have been considering purchasing a gutter machine for your business, but you aren’t sure if the increase in revenue will be worth the investment, you are certainly not alone. Below are five of the best ways to tell whether your business is ready to take that next step by investing in a gutter machine.

#1 – Your Clients Ask for Gutter Work
The first way to tell whether your company is ready to invest in a gutter machine is by far the most obvious: your clients keep asking if you can provide them with gutter installation or repair. Though a gutter machine is not absolutely necessary for providing this service, there are several good reasons to consider buying one. Raw materials for making gutters are far less expensive than preformed gutters, and when it comes to the perfect fit, producing seamless gutters onsite is the way to go. If your clients keep asking, it’s time to consider the investment seriously.

#2 – You Want to Stand Out from the Competition
Roofing and contracting businesses exist all across the nation, even in the smallest of cities and towns. In fact, most cities boast several contractors, each of whom works hard to boost their reputations and keep their project schedules full. One of the absolute best ways to stand out from competing companies involves offering a service that no one else offers, or at the very least, offering a service that is superior to your competitors. A gutter machine gives you the ability to provide gutter-related services more affordably and more quickly than other companies, making it a good investment in this case.

#3 – You Have the Space and Transportation Available
You can choose from stationary and portable gutter machines, and each of these comes with its own unique set of benefits. The stationary machine allows you to create gutters at your business location; conversely, the portable machine allows you to take the machine with you to the job site. In either case, it’s important to think about how you will install, store, and transport your gutter machine and choose the right machine for your needs. Some can fit in the bed of a pickup, but others will require more specialized vehicles, for example.

#4 – You’re Ready to Learn How to Use It
Even though many of today’s gutter machines work in the same way as their predecessors, technology has made them far simpler to use. Despite this, there is still a bit of a learning curve, so you and your employees will need to take some time to learn about installation, setup, maintenance, and use to get the most out of your machine. Fortunately, this is not difficult, and there are numerous online resources designed to help you along the way.

#5 – You’re Excited to Offer a New Service
One of the biggest hurdles that stop businesses from investing in gutter machines is the cost. Though the machines are quite the investment, even small contractors find that they pay for themselves relatively quickly, making them well worth the cost. In fact, you can even finance a new gutter machine with affordable payments and a fair interest rate, which makes it easier than ever to provide value-added services to your clients.
A gutter machine is not a meager investment, especially for a smaller company. However, if your clients continue to ask about gutter work, and if you have the right space and transportation, it could be the investment you need to really see your business grow.

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    1. Hi Manoj. Unfortunately we do not sell 4″ Gutter Machines. We sell 5″, 6″ and 7″ K Style machines, plus combination machines that run both 5″ and 6″ and 6″ and 7″ K Style gutter machines. If you have additional questions please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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