Keep Your Customer Informed: Tips to Avoid Clogged Gutters

One of the most common service calls gutter contractors receive is for clogged gutters. Left untreated, backed-up gutters can lead to more serious issues including leaky roofs, damage to the home’s siding and fascia, and even foundation cracking and settling. Rather than fielding service call after service call, take time to inform your customers on the proper maintenance of their gutter system. Assisting homeowners in avoiding this common problem will help you build a stronger relationship with your clients while offering great customer service.
  •  Gutter Cleaning Tools Available

    Regular Maintenance is a Must –Bi-annual cleanings are the most effective way to prevent clogged gutters. Many homeowners intend to clean their gutters during the spring and fall yet when the time comes around they fail to do so. Help your customers determine if they are ready for the challenge or are better suited for hiring a professional. The latter provides a great opportunity for you to suggest a maintenance program which matches their needs.

  • Gutter Construction Matters – When providing guidance on gutter options make sure to provide your customers with the pros and cons of the various material choices. While price can be a determining factor, some customers, when given the benefits, may prefer higher quality gutters over less expensive alternatives. Galvanized steel, although very cost effective, is susceptible to rust and prone to cracking than aluminum. Aluminum lasts longer, comes in a variety of colors, yet susceptible to denting. Copper, CopperPlus, Freedom Gray and Zinc gutters are pricey options but may have appeal to certain clients once they understand the benefits. Educating your customers on the life expectancy of gutter materials demonstrates your professionalism and builds relationships that can lead to future business.
  • Proper Slope is Key – Since your customers don’t install their gutters, they are most likely unaware of how important slope is to the overall health of their gutter system. Proper pitch will allow water to stream downhill rather than pooling which eventually leads to issues. Demonstrate for homeowners how to check for proper pitch as well as how to examine the downspouts.
  • Be Proactive – Make sure to stress to your customers the importance of addressing any gutter damage immediately. While they may be tempted to delay the process to avoid service fees, impress upon them that this will only lead to further damage costing them even more in the long run. Inform them of basic maintenance they can complete between professional cleanings and how to perform visual inspections of their gutter system.
  • Gutter Guards are a Opportunity to Increase profits!

    Gutter Guards Help – Gutter guards are extremely helpful in keeping the gutters clean and free of debris. Providing a solid cover over the channels, these guards protect the area from a number of ailments including pest infestations and ice damming. Although there is cost involved in having the system purchased and installed, many homeowners enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that gutter guards offer.

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