Why Now is the Time to Inspect your Gutter Brackets

There are many components that go into a well-functioning gutter system besides the gutters themselves.  Downspouts, elbows, and gutter brackets also play an important role in how well your system works.  It is essential to not only keep our gutters clean and clear but also to ensure the other parts are working properly too.  With winter just around the corner, taking time now to inspect your gutter brackets is a smart move.


Why is now the perfect time to make sure your gutter brackets are in proper working order?  Here are just a couple reasons to give them a good inspection.


Making Repairs is Always Best Done Before Winter Arrives

Poor bracket attachment, brackets pulling away from fascia and ones that are simply in need of replacement are all common problems.  Before the cold of winter hits, it’s best to get these easier repairs done before the chill arrives.  Climbing up ladders and working from heights can be dangerous.  Slippery ice and blowing winds only add to the risk.  Taking time now to have the gutter brackets inspected is the best way to make sure your system is working properly throughout the entire winter season.


Damaged Gutter Brackets Can Lead to Ice Damming                               

When gutter brackets are damaged or loose, they can allow the gutters themselves to sag creating low spots in the system.  During warmer winter days, melted snow can collect in these areas.  When temperatures go below freezing again, this melted snow turns into ice causing a damming of the system.  When more water enters the already dammed gutters, it has nowhere to go besides inward towards the roofing and fascia.  This not only can cause leaks in the home but also lead to wall, ceiling and insulation damage.


Don’t Forget to Check for  Placement          

One of the biggest problems homeowners have with their gutter brackets is improper placement.   Careful placement of the gutter brackets themselves is essential.  If they are located too far apart, they can cause the gutter themselves to sag.  This leads to pooling of water in different sections of the gutters as well as tugging on the overall system itself.  To ensure your gutters have the support they need, gutter brackets should be placed 3′ apart or less.


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