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Here at Gutter Supply, we have had some very hard rainfall in the last few days – from heavy downpours, to just typical rain. When it rains so hard, guess what happens to the foliage that is above a house? That hard rain loosens leaves and small branches which fall on the roof, washing into the gutters. Now think of this, once that debris ends up in the gutters, it will clog the outlet (that’s the hole in the gutter that attached to the downspout). Then guess what happens next, rainwater fills the gutter and the only way for it to go is over the gutter, overflowing.
What does this all mean? The gutters are clogged and just not working the way they should. Also, if not taken care of, neglecting them will add more problems.
A gutter system is not a new way to have plants growing out of a roof. Gutters were invented for a reason and that reason alone is to keep the house’s foundation healthy. Gutters keep the water runoff away from the house, from the foundation, from plants, etc.
The solution to all this is to not only clean the gutters, but installing new gutter guards.  We have so many different gutter guards to choose from. Gutter guards add value to a house and give the appearance that a property owner is always on top of things – taking care of that property. Gutter guards will just make life a little simpler with something less to worry about.
Gutters that are free of debris will keep the downspout flowing freely, like this.:
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