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What Does The Stimulus Package Mean For Our Industry?

What does the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act mean to our industry? While many of the expenditure details are still pending, the news overall is pretty good. Here is a summary of the residential construction spending stimulus as well as tax incentives designed to motivate home buying and remodeling. First time homebuyer tax credit $11.5 billion. Maximum value of individual tax credit $8,000. This will stimulate demand among prospective buyers and generate multiplier effect for homeowners seeking to sell existing homes. FHA and GSE loan limits of the greater of $729,750. This reduces housing finance cost and stimulates housing demand. Low income housing tax credit: supplemental resources. Allows state housing agencies to receive a grant equal to 85% of 40%… Continue reading »

Econony Recovering? Copper Seems To Tell Us So!

What does the gutter industry have to do with the economy? If you buy and/or sell Copper Gutters, you may have a pretty good idea. Check out this article on Copper prices and their relation to the world economy… You know, when an economy does start to recover, it’s not widely known at the time. In fact, the news will still be as full of “gloom and doom” as ever even when it starts. So you won’t know when the economy is turning by listening to the nightly news. So what can you look to? Well, here is one widely watched economic barometer that institutional investors have used throughout the years. What is it? Copper. Now you may think, “What… Continue reading »

Protect Your Work Site

I found this cautionary tale on Google News: Easttown, PA police are investigating a theft from a house under construction in the township sometime during the night of Feb. 17. According to police someone took copper rain gutters and related items such as downspouts and a door. The value of the missing items was estimated at $30,000, police said.

The Craziest Downspouts Ever

The Hardware Aisle over at This Old House has a terrific item about these Rube Goldberg-style rain gutters installed on a house in Germany. The rain runs down a water ladder and even flows through trumpets that play a tune. I just wonder what the neighbors think. Read the full story at This Old House.

Preventing Ice Dams

Contrary to popular belief, gutters don’t cause ice dams. While snow and ice can building up in your gutters, the root of the problem is heat loss through your roof. I ran across this nice article by BCI Contractor which explains that by keeping your attic at the same temperature as the outside, you keep snow from melting on the roof and forming an ice dam around your gutters. Good insulation and proper ventilation helps avoid problems. Worth a read.

Why Rain Gutters Attract Icicles

Ever wonder why your gutters act like a magnet for icicles? I ran across a nice little article explaining why: Icicles form when snow or ice melts off a surface or object and runs or drips into an area where it can freeze again. What makes eaves and rain gutters such great places for icicles to form is their proximity to both direct sunshine and interior heat escaping from inside a home or other building. Technorati Profile

Rain Chains and Ice

Dear DW Guttters,Rain Chains are great for northern climates. When frozen, the rain chain forms an interesting ice sculpture. The only area of concern is with the extra weight the ice will add to the gutter, especially with the standard “gutter clip” that is available free with every chain. I would recommend using the rain chain installation kit in place of the clip, for extra strength.

Rain Chains and Ice

I am interested in offering rain chains to my clients in the north east area. My question/concern is how do the chains hold up in the winter with the ice and snow?

Frozen gutter machine rollers

my gutter machine does not want to make gutter when it gets really, really cold out. Seems like the material doesn’t get pulled through the machine cause there is a bit of ice or frost on the rollers. the rollers still spin but it seems that the rollers slide off the coil like it is an ice rink. i don’t have indoor storage so the truck and machine have to stay outside all winter. wondering if there is any spray or liquid that i can spray on the rollers that won’t damage the rollers or damage the bearings, sprocket, or chains. Any help would be great.Thanks.JB