November 6, 2013

Snow guards – install them now!

Before you know it, the first snowfall of the season will arrive. It could be a heavy snow, just flurries, or something different. How different? Some times as snow accumulates on a roof, there will be a warm spell above freezing during the winter… and snow on the roof will melt. Then again, it can freeze at night, there could be more snow coming, and it accumulates, making for a thick layer of ice and snow on the roof. Not many people are aware that with a typical sloping roof, the snow can quickly fall if not attached to something that would give it friction to make the snow stay static and in place. With s n o w  g… Continue reading »

October 1, 2013

Take advantage of our October Special going on now!

Keep leaves out with Gutter Guards from Gutter Supply Right now is the best time to check the gutters – be it a house or a business, more than likely, there would be gutters involved. Why check them? Because they are probably in need of attention and it would be a good project to do one of these weekends. The air is beginning to cool down, and the leaves are beginning to fall. Why not block those leaves from clogging your gutters by installing gutter guards before the leaves fall? Cleaning your gutters after is a dirty, wet, and dangerous mess. Check the gutters, assess your need for gutter guards (which we have plenty of options to choose from) and… Continue reading »

September 13, 2013

Leaves are going to start falling very soon. Maybe it’s time for you to rethink gutter guards. Gutter guards allow for rain water to flow into the gutter by filtering water through leafy debris. That debris, if left inside a gutter, will weigh down the gutter and prevent water from flowing properly, making a torrent of rain water splashing down, making it an inconvenience and a mess. Why not choose a unique style to fit your home’s needs? We have 10% Off Select Gutter Guards through the end of September, 2013.  You can choose reliable gutter guards like Filter Flow, Filter Flow XT, Micro Mesh,Gutter Guard, and Free Flow. Filter Flow: Filter Flow is a polyether foam filter insert guaranteed… Continue reading »

August 19, 2013

Summer is still here

Summer is still here, and Fall is just around the corner. This is the familiar time when kids are getting ready to go to school, school supplies are on sale, and new seasons of your favorite TV shows begin. When fall is truly here, say, October and November, that is when leafs fall off trees. What comes with that? Occasional rain that can push the leafs stuck in the gutter into the downspout, clogging the gutter, and causing spills. And as winter comes, this could lead to ice damming. Gutters play a key role in the protection of your home. They are the main part of the rainwater drainage system that helps prevent: Foundation damage and flooded basements Rotten wood… Continue reading »

July 22, 2013

Overflow! is a national wholesale supplier. When a contractor or homeowner is shopping for gutters and gutter related products, we are who come to mind. After all, our name says it all –! Here at Gutter Supply, we have had some very hard rainfall in the last few days – from heavy downpours, to just typical rain. When it rains so hard, guess what happens to the foliage that is above a house? That hard rain loosens leaves and small branches which fall on the roof, washing into the gutters. Now think of this, once that debris ends up in the gutters, it will clog the outlet (that’s the hole in the gutter that attached to the downspout). Then… Continue reading »

July 3, 2013

Clean gutters!

Perhaps this weekend you want to do an interesting weekend project for your house. What you need: Gutter Guard – in this example we are using a Leaf Out Gutter Guard. Ladder Gloves Eye Protection Water hose (or call an expert contractor to do this professionally) In this series of images, you can see how clogged and dirty this gutter system is. With a little elbow grease, and the willingness to get this done, the gutters will be free flowing for years to come. Looking at the fist images, you can see all the decomposing organic matter in the gutter. When one looks up at a house’s gutters and sees plants growing, this is what is feeding those plants –… Continue reading »

June 25, 2013

How exactly are metal gutters manufactured?

How exactly are metal gutters manufactured? When you look at your home’s gutters, do you ever wonder how they are made? Most people don’t know how they are made. If you want to impress during the family and friends BBQ this coming weekend, read on… Do you remember the Play-Doh Fun Factory toy? Do you know what a gutter machine is? The premise of both, the toy and the gutter machine, is similar. One puts material in them, and out comes the same material, but just in a different shape. With the Fun Factory, one can put the “doh” in, and then press the lever, and out comes doh shaped like a star, a cylinder, etc. Then the product is… Continue reading »

June 21, 2013

Gutter Cleaning

Why not clean the gutters on a sunny day? Yeah, why not? If you decide to clean outthe gutters periodically this summer, you can hire a service to do it for you, or you can do it yourself (remember, safety first!). Do it periodically if your home is within an area where there are trees that you know will drop leafs and other debris in the gutters. So why on a sunny day? Or during the day for that matter? That way you can see what’s going on in the gutters. As you clean them, you can inspect them (or have a professional do it for you) for any damage. Wear gloves and safety glasses, you never know what you’ll… Continue reading »

June 13, 2013

The Weathering & Aging of Copper Gutters

Patina – what is it? A natural oxidation process which forms a unique protective layer to copper. The Statue of Liberty is covered in copper, and with weather and age, has turned into the green color we are all familiar with. She was not painted green; she was originally the natural brown copper, then as nature took its course, she is the familiar color we all know her for.     There are many other statues made of copper that have that greenish color – that is patina, the process of copper oxidation. Copper exposed to the elements will develop this beautiful, green finish over time. Gutter Supply has everything under the roof when it comes to copper gutters and… Continue reading »

May 23, 2013

Summer – contractor jobs go into full swing!

Summer, believe it or not, is just around the corner. This is the time when roofing contractor jobs go into full swing. As a roofing contractor, do you also make suggestions about guttering products to your customers? Suggestions on new gutters or how to keep their current gutter system working properly year round? One thing we would suggest would be to tell your customers (those who definitely need enhancements, improvements, or an entire gutter system overhaul) about aesthetic enhancements. Casually mention rain chains and their functionality, and don’t forget gutter guards. We have them in many styles for different applications. Why not show them samples and give them a talk about preventative maintenance for their gutters? Give us a call… Continue reading »