Snow guards – install them now!

Before you know it, the first snowfall of the season will arrive. It could be a heavy snow, just flurries, or something different. How different?
Some times as snow accumulates on a roof, there will be a warm spell above freezing during the winter… and snow on the roof will melt. Then again, it can freeze at night, there could be more snow coming, and it accumulates, making for a thick layer of ice and snow on the roof.
Not many people are aware that with a typical sloping roof, the snow can quickly fall if not attached to something that would give it friction to make the snow stay static and in place. With s n o w  g u a r d s, rest assured that they can protect from falling snow. Snow guards prevent snow and ice from falling and causing damage to people and property.

It is never too late to order snow guards now. Snow guard products from will give you piece of mind this winter season.
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