January 5, 2016 | by Mike Milliman

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Leaf Guard System


Leaf guards. Gutter screensGutter filters.  These are all common terms used when referring to a generic gutter guard system.  For decades homeowners have been using these products to keep their gutters free and clear of leaves and debris.  While the main reason why your customers choose to install this type of system is pretty straightforward, there are many other benefits it can provide.
Below are‘s top 10 reasons to invest in a leaf guard system:

1. Leaf guards keep the gutters clear of excessive buildup from an accumulation of leaves and other debris especially during the autumn months.

2. Because these guards keep the buildup at bay, homeowners don’t have to clean the gutter system as frequently or hire someone else to do it for them.

3. Some systems prevent mosquitos from entering the gutters lessening their ability to breed inside of them.

4.  Installing a leaf guard system increases the value of the property.  This upgrade not only allows homeowners to raise their asking price but also makes the home more desirable to potential buyers.

5. A leaf guard system can reduce the risk of premature rusting of the gutters.

6. Allowing for the free flow of water even during the winter months, leaf guards help prevent ice dams from forming in the gutter system.

7. Leaf guards reduce the risk of fire.  When needles and dry leaves gather in the system and then dry they can become hazardous to the home.  No needles in the gutter system means that no burning ambers can fall on them catching them on fire and then spreading through the property.

8. Most leaf guards are virtually unnoticeable from the ground level.  Many homeowners are concerned with installing any type of device on the home that deters from its attractiveness.  While many of the older styles of gutter guards were bulky and unsightly, today’s newer versions offer a slim profile that can rarely be seen except by the trained eye.

9.  This type of system prevents water overflows during periods of heavy rain reducing the risk of water leaks into the home.  Water damage can lead to costly, time-consuming structural repairs.  By preventing blockages from occurring, water is more easily flowed away from the home during periods of substantial rainfall.

10.  Leaf guards act as a physical barrier to animal infestations and bird nests.  Raccoons, rodents, and other pests often find refuge inside an unprotected gutter system.   By blocking off the system, you reduce their access to the gutters and the rest of the home.

Most homeowners find that the many benefits of installing a quality leaf guard system far outweigh its cost.    When working with your customers take time to consider which system would be the right fit for their unique needs and property.  When ready to complete the work, visit for all the materials and supplies you’ll need.  We have a large selection of lead guard options from some of the industry’s top manufacturers.  Visit our website at to place your order today. 

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