What Are Gutter Leader Heads?

A leader head can make or break the image that your home projects in general. An appropriate leader head can make “upgrade” it value beyond your moderate expectations. Choosing the right leader head can be compared to an artist applying the finishing touch to his creation. It puts everything in perspective, with its colour, design, and placement. It blends with the façade and provides a complimentary boost to the appearance. It lifts the image of the home from that of an ordinary traditional one to that of one with class.

A leader head or conductor head is primarily used to channel water from the rooftops safely to the underground drainage system. These serve the dual purposes of saving on the plumbing required and preserving the aesthetics of the building. They give an impression of orderliness and safety from dirty streaks forming across the surface, due to leaking joints. Market research has shown that in general people are ready to pay more for a house that may differ from others mainly in the design of the leader head installed.

Along with the paint, the garden and the look of the building such individual pieces of art go a long way in making a statement about the architecture. Even a person, who is unable to appreciate art, will readily point out the mismatch between an ornately designed house and a PVC or aluminum leader head. A variety of leader heads are available in the market, which match with different types of traditional as well as contemporary architecture.

The leader heads contain different percentage levels of copper, which lead to difference in shine and durability. Modern ones have ultraviolet light stabiliser material incorporated in them, for preventing damage by long exposure to sunlight. This is important, since the gutters and downspouts can be replaced, but a uniquely designed leader head may be hard to get. These conductor heads are either molded using casts or formed out of sheet metal by stamping. Molding offers single items with no joints and fixtures. Stamping provides more variety in design, variations in sizes and freedom to manufacture within a short notice. The shape of the downspout, whether square or round will also influence the design of the leader head.

Buy and install a conductor head that matches with the material and colour of the gutter fixed along the roof edge. Do not buy one just because you like it. Do a good research about the structure of your home, and categorize it into a suitable time period or style of architecture. For example your home may be built according to Moorish or the French way of design. This will help in short listing the designs that may be suitable. It is always better to foresee the type of gutter, gutter guards and leader heads to be fixed before beginning the installation.

Generally, the cost of leader heads increases proportionately with the size. However, the intricacy of design involved also influences the price. While the polyethylene, ones are far cheaper; they are mostly valued for their durability and lightness. Copper or lead coated copper are the ideal ones for a traditional home. The look of class and coppery shine lend a traditional look to the structure.

Hence, if you want to have an image makeover or a better price for your home, adding an appropriately designed conductor head may be the final piece for everything else to fall in place.

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