What Is the Proper Way to Mount a Gutter Machine?

Gutter machine mounting is vital to the safe operation. Each manufacturer and brand will provide its own unique mounting suggestions, so be sure to read and follow these carefully. Here, you will learn some general but vitally important tips for properly mounting your gutter machine. These can help you make better mounting decisions, keep yourself and your workers safe, and even extend the life of your machine.


Important Considerations


Before getting started, it is important to keep all the following in mind.


  • The machine should be permanently mounted where it will be used, whether in a panel or pickup truck bed, on a trailer, or on a bench designed for this purpose. It may also be mounted in a stationary location, such as inside a shop.
  • Gutter machines should only be operated when in a level position, and the discharge end of the machine should be pointed toward the rear of the truck/
  • The machine should never be cinched to fit the contour of the mounting surface. If the machine does not fit the surface properly, utilize shims so the machine is mounted in four points. Forced fitting could cause serious and irreparable damage to the machine.
  • Controls should be mounted between 20 and 75 inches above the surface where the operator will stand.


Mounting on a Truck or Trailer


To install the machine to a truck or trailer, you will need to find the holes in the angle mounts that are located along the front or sides of the machine. These mounts are designed for mounting the unit to the bed of the truck or trailer. Cut 24” 2×4 or 4x4s so they fit snugly across the bed to provide clearance under the machine and absorb vibration as the vehicle or trailer travels. Then, use four to eight bolts of a significant length to secure the machine to the bed. You may use rubber padding to reduce vibration further, and such padding can also prevent machine adjustments from loosening over time, as well.


It is important to ensure that you have eight inches of clearance between the vehicle’s front wall and the front spool of the machine. Otherwise, you may not have enough clearance for proper operation.


Stationary Mounting


Again, it is important that you ensure the mounting surface is secure and level before getting started. You should first bolt the gutter machine to the mounting arrangement to ensure its stability and your safety. Then, make sure that you have used shims to account for any irregularities in the machine and the mounting surface; do not cinch the machine down to create a solid four-point contact as this can cause rippled gutter or other problems as you use the machine in the future.


If you have any further questions about how to mount your particular gutter machine, you can contact the manufacturer of your specific equipment directly. You can get the information you need free of charge, even if you have a unique installation situation that may require some additional steps.

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