Why Leaf Guards Might Make Your Life Easier

Being a homeowner certainly has its perks. You can paint your walls any color you’d like, renovate rooms any way you see fit, and choose the improvements you make to build equity over time. But it also requires work – ongoing maintenance and upkeep to keep it in shape and avoid future, expensive repairs. Cleaning your gutters may be one of those chores on your seemingly endless to-do list.  But simple things like installing leaf guards can lighten your workload, make your life easier and, over time, save you money, too. Here are some benefits leaf guards provide:


Simpler Cleaning


For your gutters to provide your home with the proper protection they need to be kept clean – which can sometimes be a hassle. Any homeowner who has ever climbed a ladder to scoop handfuls of wet, soggy leaves from a gutter can attest that they would rather spend their time elsewhere. Though leaf guards will not make your gutter system completely maintenance-free, installing them will significantly reduce the frequency and the difficulty associated with cleaning them. When you can keep the leaves out of your gutters in the first place, you can spend less time on that ladder, and more time enjoying your free time with family.


Reduced Overflow


If you’ve ever forgotten to clean your gutters, or you were simply unable to do so, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the problems what can happen. Leaves that enter your system will eventually inevitably hit a snag somewhere along the line. When they do, they’ll cause a clog behind them, and eventually, water will be unable to flow through. This can lead to overflows and cause pooling water around your home’s foundation creating the risk of basement flooding – not to mention perfect mosquito breeding conditions. It’s even worse if these clogs occur in a closed downspout, where removal them can be quite difficult. Installing leaf guards, like Leaf Out Gutter Guard products, will help prevent these clogs and avoid the damage they are known to cause.


Less Rust and Corrosion


Leaves retain quite a bit of moisture for an extended period of time, so when they find their way into your gutter it can be detrimental. The longer the wet leaves sit – and the more wet leaves there are – the greater the chance that your gutters will begin to corrode or rust. Once rust and corrosion begin it spreads very quickly, which can cause significant (and expensive) trouble. When you choose to install leaf guards, however, you can reduce the risk of such rust and corrosion by reducing the amount of moisture remaining in contact with your gutter surfaces. Leaf Defender Gutter Guards are a great product option to get the job done right.


Fire Protection


If you live in a very dry climate, moisture may not be your top concern. But leaves stacked inside your gutters present yet another risk: fire. Those dry, crispy leaves are the perfect kindling for a fire, and all it takes is a single stray spark or ember to set them off. These fires also tend to spread quickly, and due to their location above the ground, it can be hard to put them out using a hose or extinguisher alone. Prevention here is the key, and leaf guards are the best protection you can get when it comes to keeping leaves out of the gutters.


Investing in leaf guards can not only protect your home and prevent potential damage, but it can also save you time, money – and few extra trips up and down that ladder! Freeing you up to enjoy the season and more important things in life.


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