K Style Galvalume Gutter

Galvalume FAQ's:

1.  What are the suitable accessories for Galvalume gutters?
Answer:Accessories need to have at least the same amount of corrosion resistance that Galvalume has.
    A.) Hangers
        1.) Aluminum
        2.) Stainless Steel
    B.) Fasteners
        1.) Aluminum Pop Rivets
        2.) Stainless Steel Screws
        3.) Zinc coated screws can be used but the zinc coating on the screws has a slightly less amount of resistance than the Galvalume.

2.  Can Galvalume gutters be soldered?
Answer:  Technically, yes. But it is extremely labor some and the some of the coating is lost when prepping the gutter. It is acceptable to use 12-1 Ruscoe seam sealant when connecting gutter lengths.

3.  Can bare Galvalume gutter be painted?
Answer:Yes, Galvalume gutter can be painted. The gutters first need to be cleaned to remove dirt and oils. A metal primer coat is recommended before applying the final coat.  Consulting a paint supplier who specializes in metal painting is recommended.