Clean Mesh Gutter Guard

Tools Needed: Ladder, Safety Glasses, Gloves, measuring tape, pencil, Tin Snips & metal bending tool

Before beginning the Clean-Mesh 5” gutter guard filtration panel installation, the gutters should be cleaned and tested to ensure they are free of clogs, draining correctly, and in proper working order. When the gutters are ready for the Clean-Mesh panels, measure the length of Gutter to be protected. The Clean-Mesh panels are 4’-0” in length and are for use on standard 5” gutters, panels may be trimmed with normal sheet metal cutting tools.

Step 1. To begin lower the face of the Clean-Mesh panel onto the top of the gutter, the panel should be approximately ¼” larger than the gutter opening. Adjust the Clean-Mesh gutter panel over the top of the lip of the gutter. Press the rear section downward to meet the fascia or drip edge, this pressure fit will allow the panel to spring slightly and hold in place. Once in place, secure in place to the gutter lip using min. # 6 x ½” Hex washer head piercing point screws approximately 1” from each end, and in the middle of the panel. When installing each additional Clean-Mesh panel section, butt the panel ends tight together before securing in place.

Clean Mesh Gutter Guard - Installation Instructions

Step 2. When reaching the gutter corner, mark and cut a diagonal angle beginning from the gutter nose. Begin the Clean-Mesh panel angle cut at the front lip, then snip the weep hole leg, and begin the angle cut at the gutter systems back corner and cut towards the front of the panel. Cut and remove the face of the next Clean-Mesh panel to conform to the angle and butt tight together.

Clean Mesh Gutter Guard Installation Instructions

Step 3. At the termination end of the gutter system, you will need to snip and remove the panel nose and the weep hole leg approximately 2” from the gutter end. Bend the 2” section downward at a 90 degree angle to create a cap at the end of the system. This will prevent debris and pest from interring the gutter system at the end

Clean Mesh Gutter Guard Installation Instructions

Step 4, Optional screws may be utilized at the sight line channel into the fascia to provide additional structural support for the entire gutter system.

Clean Mesh Gutter Guard Installation Instructions
Clean-Mesh Installation Smart Tips

 - Always be aware of power line wires!

 - Move your ladder into position for each panel installation.

 - Always use a dissimilar metal barrier when installing panels in contact with different metals.

 - Fascia mounts are ideal for metal and tile roofing, or screen room installations.

 - Always maintain a positive panel slope, with no reverse slope.