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6" Copper Plus K Style Material List


6" K Style Copper Plus Material List

Here's a list of typical products for a 6" K copper plus gutter project.

We have a complete line of copper plus gutters and related supplies.  If you don't see what you are looking for on the list below, please give us a call and we'll help you find what you need!


COOFS34C3XX 3x4 Offset (3) Copper 16 oz $38.14 / EACH

Follow the link to shop for additional copper offsets.

Please note that the offsets are only in copper not in copper plus.

COKWH6XCXXX 6 K Wrap Around Hanger Copper $11.69 / EACH
COK40FH6WSS 6" 40K Fascia Hanger w/ Snap S Copper $18.14 / EACH
COKOX34CXWF 3x4 Rect. Outlet-Wide Flange Copper
COKOX34CXXX 3x4 Rectangular Outlet Copper $12.47 / EACH

Please note that the outlets are only in copper not in copper plus.

Downspout Brackets
COPCX34CXXX 3x4 Pipe Clip Copper $5.75 / EACH
CODPBXXCXXX Diamond Pipe Band Copper $2.26 / EACH
CORKXXXXXXX Rack & Key Copper $10.90 / EACH
BRDXX0XXXXX #0 Drive Bronze $11.05 / EACH
CODXX4XXXXX #4 Drive Copper $5.40 / EACH
CODXX6XXXXX #6 Drive Copper $8.56 / EACH
COR4218CXXX 1/8 #42 Rivets Copper/Brass (100 Bag) $8.73 / BAG
COR4418CXXX 1/8 #44 Rivets Copper/Brass (100 Bag) $9.75 / BAG
COZSX12CSSX 1/4 x 1/2 #8 Zip Screws Copper Stain Steel (100/Bag) $8.10 / EACH
SSZSX38SSXX 1/4 X 1/2 #8 Zip Screws Stainless Steel (100/Bag) $3.78 / BAG
SSZSC15XXXX 1.5 x 1/4 Long Zip Screws Stainless Steel (100/Bag) $10.37 / EACH
CON15 Copper Nails - 1 1/2 (STD) 5 lb. Box $76.67 / 5LB
CON125 Copper Nails - 1 1/4 5 lb. Box $76.67 / 5LB
SEALSOLDER 50/50 Solder 1/4 lb bars $15.47 / LBS
SOLDERPASTE Soldering Paste 1 lb. Jar $10.60 / EACH
SEALLUC5600 Lucas 5600 Gutter Seal 10 oz. Tube $7.54 / EACH
SEAL121 Ruscoe 12-1 Gutter Seal 10.3 oz Tube $9.20 / EACH

Follow the link to our soldering irons.

Tile Adapters
TA344FLXBLK 3x4x4 Flex Downspout Adapter Black Plastic $3.40 / EACH

Follow the link to shop for all of our tile adapters.

Gutter Guards/Downspout Wire Strainers
SCKH6C 6 K Copper Hinged 3 ft. Screen $17.95 / 3FT
SCDI6KC 6 K Copper Drop-In 3 ft. Screen
COWSX4XCXXX 4 Wire Strainer Copper $16.16 / EACH
SSWSX4HDSSX 4 Heavy Duty Wire Strainer Stainless Steel $17.81 / EACH

Follow the link to shop for all of our gutter guards.

Conductor Heads
COCHX4STAND 4 Standard Conductor Head Copper 20 oz $163.64 / EACH

Follow the link to shop for all of our copper conductor heads or call us for a custom made design.

Miscellaneous Accessories
COPOLBURNXX Copper Brass & Metal Polish Weiman #30 $10.00 / EACH

Follow link to shop for splashblocks, rainchains, rain barrels and other accessories.

TTM25 1x25' Tape Measure Malco T425 $10.80 / EACH

Follow the link to shop for all of our soldering irons, snips, outlet punches and other gutter related tools.


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